You need to create a cutting edge in MBA exams

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Published :  Arun Arora | August 24, 2016 | 10:24 AM IST

You need to create a cutting edge in MBA exams

MBA courses are much sought after by students who want to pursue entrepreneurship or learn the tricks of business management. The number of aspirants who apply for MBA increases steadily year after year. What this means is that the competition to grab that elusive seat is only getting more intense and ruthless. Given this scenario, aspirants need to equip themselves with knowledge and attributes which will enable them to stand out from the crowd and make an impression. 


1. Knowledge

As the first step of MBA is the entrance exam, such as CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT, IBSAT, IIFT, CMAT, SNAP, GMAT and others, it is imperative that the aspirants possess good command on the subjects, so that they are able to ace the exam. This is the very basic step when it comes to creating an edge for yourself over others. The various subjects tested in the MBA entrance include verbal ability (vocabulary, grammar and comprehension), quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, critical reasoning and others. The aspirants should be well prepared to handle such questions, only then should they try to go beyond and do something additional. If the foundation is strong, a sound structure can be built on it. 


2. Extra mile

Aspirants who are looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd need to be willing to go the extra mile and adopt practices and schedules that others may dread. If it means burning the midnight oil, so be it. If it means going beyond the syllabus to cover all areas, so be it. If it means making small sacrifices on the way, so be it. People who have changed the world with their innovations and visionary ideas have never feared hard work and going the extra mile where nobody has been before. That’s how achievers distinguish themselves.


3. Personality

To get into MBA, the aspirants need to develop good, rounded personalities, if they want to meet the challenges of the business world. Personality includes a confident, pleasing yet assertive demeanour.It also includes cultivating a positive, can- do attitude in oneself. There are people who turn even the smallest of challenges into herculean tasks and are scared of competition. The people who wish to create a cutting edge for themselves are the people who look at challenges as stepping stones to success. 

4. Language skills

An important part of MBA these days is the language skills of the aspirants. It is of paramount importance in today’s age, when countries are so intricately linked to each other. Language skills are tested not just in the entrance exams but also in the subsequent stages of the admission process that includes a personal interview. This means that the aspirant not only should have theoretical knowledge of the language but should also be adept at using language in conversations to articulate himself/ herself effectively. Interview is the stage where you will be judged for your mannerisms, your ideas, your personality and your language skills. So, the aspirants cannot ignore this aspect if they want to make an impact.

The large number of people who are keen to gain admission in the course is increasing every year. This makes it all the more difficult to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself. But if the aspirant is willing to work hard and is dedicated to his/ her goals, he/ she will create a separate place for himself/ herself.

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