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Published : Wednesday, 07 September, 2016 11:00 AM

With MBA you need to supplement skills to become employable

An MBA degree is no longer sufficient in itself and does not guarantee a secure future. The changing social environment, of which business is a part, is dynamic in nature, extremely competitive and demanding. Just classroom knowledge that forms a part of the syllabus is not sufficient. You may learn management skills, problem solving skills, various aspects of business such as finance, production, marketing and so on and still not find a job that you think you deserve. This is because the present environment demands different set of skills from the MBA graduates, such as language skills, soft skills, social skills, computer skills and the others.


1. Language skills

Any person entering the market in today’s times, especially an MBA graduate needs to have a decent command on the language, in particular English. As the world is becoming inter-connected, there is more interaction among people from different countries and different communities. This requires the person to be well conversant with the language and, if possible, learn a few other foreign languages too, as this will give him/ her an edge in the market. Good language skills enable the person to create an instant impression on others and sound professional. He/ she is able to articulate thoughts and opinions and even convince others. Therefore, this is an important skill to acquire.

2. Soft skills

Soft skills have acquired great prominence in the present society. How you speak, how you carry yourself, how you dress, your body movements, presentation skills, all of this forms an integral part of becoming market ready after the MBA degree. These skills will be put to use on a daily basis even during the MBA course as you would be expected to make presentations, attend mock interviews,learn to be professional in your body movements and so on. The sooner you begin working on your soft skills, the better it shall be for you.


3. Computer skills

Technology is an indispensable part of the modern society. Without computers, it is quite impossible to imagine life these days. Almost every work related to businesses, such as data entering, presentations, order dispatch, inventory lists and others need computers. An MBA graduate needs to be well acquainted and comfortable with computers, in particular, the systems and processes that he/ she is likely to use frequently. 

4. Social skills

Social skills are a fundamental part of every human being’s make up, as man essentially is a social animal and needs to learn to deal with and engage with fellow human beings. An MBA graduate will not work in isolation and, hence, he/ she needs to learn how to deal with other human beings effectively, in a polite and dignified manner. A person who is rude, aggressive, volatile temper, lack of respect for others will find the going tough and in fact alienate himself/ herself from his/ her colleagues. Contrary, if the person is affable, polite, courteous, respects people, is positive, he / she will be more effective in his/ her dealings. This is how important social skills are.


Though it provides a good opportunity to brush up on different skills, MBA is no longer sufficient in itself and, therefore, other skills need to be acquired to supplement MBA.

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