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Cracku is the best CAT coaching institute in India. Cracku is an educational organization established in 2014 by IIT-IIM graduates in Hyderabad. 

Cracku CAT coaching institute helps aspirants to prepare for CAT and other Management Entrance exams. Cracku provides online coaching for the CAT entrance exam and other Management (MBA) entrance exams like NMAT, CMAT, SNAP, XAT, IIFT, etc. 

Cracku has the best comprehensive revision video materials for all the entrance exams. In addition, Cracku has over 10 hours of free CAT revision videos for candidates who want to try online CAT preparations.

In Cracku CAT coaching centre, the experts solve the doubts, where all students can post in Cracku Adda (their Doubt Solving Group).

Let us also take you through the details of the Best CAT Coaching Institutes.

What are the CAT courses provided by Cracku CAT Coaching?

Cracku provides a wide range of courses so that the candidates can select according to their needs.

Cracku is famous for online coaching for CAT and also for the exam study materials and mock tests, and also provides mocks for other exams.

1. CAT 2022 Complete Course by Cracku

CAT 2022 course by Cracku is a complete package for CAT 2022 entrance exam. CAT 2022 course is the highlighted CAT program that Cracku offers.

  • A complete course for the CAT 2022 exam.
  • They have covered the fundamentals of the most complex topics.
  • More than 1000+ Excellent videos. 
  • It also provides Doubt-solving as well as a day-by-day schedule.
  • National Level mocks with video solution and analysis - 15
  • There are around 16,000 excellent questions with full-text explanations.
  • Sectional Tests are available with a total of 45, 15 per section.
  • MBA Mocks (CAT+OMETs): 50 questions
  • CAT last year's exam papers with the solution - 21
  • Set of 100 theory notes and examples with answers.
  • The availability of the course till Jan 10th, 2023.

2. CAT 2022 Study Room by Cracku

CAT 2022 Study Room is a complete self-study course that helps students with a comprehensive platform for better preparation.

  • Adaptive Platform for Self-Study.
  • There are around 16,000 excellent questions with full-text explanations.
  • National Level mocks with video solution and analysis - 15
  • 5 mock tests are available for each exam IIFT, XAT, TISS, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, and MH-CET.
  • Sectional Tests are available with a total of 45, 15 per section.
  • Set of 100 theory notes and examples with answers.
  • The availability of the course till Jan 10th, 2023.

3. CAT 2022 Mocks & Sectionals by Cracku

CAT 2022 Mocks & Sectionals course, Cracku coaching institute, mainly focuses on the mock and sectional mock tests.

  • Cracku provides mock tests which are very close to actual CAT exams.
  • 2 hour Mock Tests with CAT's latest pattern were 40 min sectional tests. 
  • National Level mocks with video solution and analysis - 15.
  • Sectional Tests are available with a total of 45, 15 per section.
  • Complete details of the mock analysis with solutions.
  • 21 - CAT last year's exam papers with the answer
  • The availability of the course till Jan 10th, 2023.

What is the fee structure for Cracku coaching for CAT 2022?

The fee structure for Cracku CAT 2022 Course is Rs. 49,999.

Program 2022



CAT 2022 Complete Cracku

Rs. 49,999


CAT 2022 Daily Targets Rs. 7,999


CAT 2022 Study Room

Rs. 24,499


CAT 2022 Mocks & Sectionals

Rs. 5,999


Where is Cracku CAT coaching institute located?

Cracku's headquarter is located in Hyderabad. They are majorly known for the online CAT preparation courses.

Does Cracku provide any scholarship for the CAT Course?

Yes, Cracku also provides scholarships for the CAT courses. They offer many scholarships (based on merit, recent college graduates, etc.). You can visit their official website (cracku. in) for more details. They also provide demo videos for the candidates on their official website.

Is it worth joining Cracku for CAT coaching?

Yes, It's worth joining Cracku for CAT coaching. The outstanding faculty and CAT curriculum for the course are planned in such a way that students receive the best attention and understanding from the beginning to the end of the course. Cracku has an excellent score of 4.9 out of 5 for their application.

Is Cracku mocks good?

Yes, Cracku provides mock tests for CAT exam preparation. Cracku offers excellent mock courses for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Through the mock tests, they make sure the candidates achieve the first step into the top B-schools.

What courses does Cracku provide in addition to CAT 2022?

Cracku provides various management courses apart from CAT.

  • XAT 2022 Mocks - Rs. 299
  • XAT 2022 Decision-Making Course - Rs. 499
  • XAT 2022 Crash Course - Rs. 1999
  • IIFT Mocks 2022 - Rs. 299
  • CMAT 2022 Mock Test Series - Rs. 299
  • CMAT 2022 Crash Courses - Rs. 1499
  • NMAT 2021 Mock Tests - Rs. 499
  • 5 SNAP 2021 Mocks - Rs. 299
  • MAH-CET Mocks - Rs.299
  • MAH-CET Crash Course - Rs. 1999

How can Cracku help aspirants in CAT 2022 preparations?

Cracku helps the aspirants achieve their dream through the best CAT course, where preparation goes in a way that students must cover every topic from basics to advanced. In addition, Cracku provides mock tests and other preparation materials for the best preparation.

Why choose Cracku for CAT mock exam?

Cracku mock test is considered one of the best, so students can practice thoroughly before the main exams. The mock test by cracku is way similar to the previous year's exam.

Where can the students find their Cracku courses?

The aspirants can get the cracku courses from the Cracku official website - https://cracku.in/.

How is the Cracku crash course?

Apart from offering a completely comprehensive course on CAT, Cracku also provides CAT Crash course. Crash Courses are also available for XAT, CMAT, and MAH-CET. These are excellent courses for students preparing for the exam with 2-3 months left.

Are Cracku mocks tougher than real CAT?

Yes, the mocks provided by Cracku are entirely similar to the actual CAT exams so that the students can get full-fledged details and experience of the Real CAT exam.

Does Cracku provides any free course or preparation materials?

  • Three FREE CAT mocks (with detailed Video solutions). These are taken by thousands of students and are an excellent way to gauge your areas of strength and assess your performance against others.
  • 25+ Solved Previous Papers of CAT (with detailed Video solutions).
  • One test on each topic (VARC, DILR, Quant) every day, which we call the CAT Daily Target.
  • We also give the Formula PDFs for all Quant topics for CAT.
  • CAT Percentile Predictor.

Among iQuanta and Cracku, which is better for CAT preparation?

Both iQuanta and Cracku are good for CAT coaching.

The iQuanta CAT Coaching fees for online CAT 2022 are Rs.49,000/-

The Cracku Online CAT Course fees for CAT 2022 are Rs. 49,999/-.

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