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CAT Mock Tests 2023 [Download Free PDF]

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CAT 2023 Mock Test | Free Online Mock Test | Mock Test PDF

The CAT Mock Test is the best way to start the CAT 2023 Exam preparation.  

The CAT 2023 exam is in November 2023. CAT Exam helps the aspirants to take admission into the IIM and other top management colleges.  

The CAT exam has three sections - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA). All these three sections have their own individual weightage and candidates need to score a minimum cut-off in each of these sections to qualify the CAT exam for the next upcoming rounds. The cut-off clearance plays an important role in how the CAT officials shortlist students for the GD-PI rounds. Their percentile plays a massive and fundamental role in deciding which colleges they will be eligible for, so that they can make a further informed decision on what to choose and where to go.

Writing the CAT mock tests is an excellent way to prepare for the CAT 2023 exam. 

Previous year papers, sectional and topic tests can also be attempted by the candidate to secure a good score in the CAT exam and understand the test taking process. Free mock test series for CAT are available and can be accessed by students to understand online test taking strategies.  

The students preparing diligently for the CAT exam can easily crack the CAT 2023 exam with sufficient online CAT mock tests. 

The student preparing diligently for the CAT exam can easily crack the CAT 2023 exam.

Let us take you through the essential details regarding the CAT 2023 Exam.

Free CAT Mock Test For CAT 2023

CAT Mock test helps the students to prepare well for the CAT 2023 Exam.

CAT mock test series free with solutions are available in MBA Rendezvous.

Many free online test taking platforms are available as well.

The students can download a free CAT mock test PDF from the below table.

CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online
CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online
CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online CAT 2022-23 Mock Tests and Papers Online

Is the CAT exam tough?

The CAT 2023 exam is a tough one compared to other management exams.

The exam comprises simple topics ranging from 9th and 10th grade Mathematics concepts (Quantitative Aptitude), logical reasoning, data interpretation and some English/Verbal ability. If candidates are able to strengthen these concepts with the exam deadline in mind much in advance, and imbibe some tricks and shortcut methods to faster problem solving, the process will be much easier and simpler.
The students who prepare well with the help of online mock tests are the ones who crack CAT tests easily, unlike students who enter the examination hall with minimum preparation and not much idea about the pattern of questions. 

Which CAT mock test is best?

The CAT mock tests, which are similar to the actual CAT exam level, are the best.They give an insight into what the real examination is like, and the candidates will get enough exposure to crack the exam in the upcoming attempts. 

The 3 best CAT mock tests available in the market are Career Launcher, TIME and IMS. In addition, these coaching institutes provide the best paid mock tests.

These platforms offer various kind of mock tests with different difficulty level and pattern so that students can get to know how differently the CAT paper can be presented every year and what they must look forward to. Easy, medium and difficult questions are all mixed in the paper and train students to attempt what they are most confident of first, and then later come back to those questions that they find a little more difficult than the usual.

Also, cat mock tests free online are available, which helps the students to identify the weaker part of the CAT sections. 

Where can I get free mock tests for CAT 2023?

The aspirants can get free mock tests for the CAT 2023 exam from the below link.

The Free Sectional Mock Tests For CAT 2023 exam are available here.

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  2. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  3. Quantitative Ability (QA)

Free mock tests will help students to strengthen their concepts with daily practice and learning. They give an insight into what B-schools really expect from candidates and hint at tips and tricks for students to crack the exam with ease and efficiency.

How many mocks are sufficient for CAT?

A.CAT Mock exams play an important role in preparation. 

Structured and systematic planning and practice will play a major role in helping the candidate achieve confidence and think faster. 
The aspirants should attempt as many free online mock tests or sectional tests daily to get familiar with the exam pattern and structure. 
The students should attempt a minimum of 4 mocks daily to increase the speed.
The mock test makes it easier to identify the weaker parts and can put in-depth efforts into improving the sections. Analysis of each and every section and question after the mock, will help improve perspective.   
Online mock tests are necessary to improve speed, agility and accuracy in the thought-process and approach towards answering questions. They help improve your percentile and AIR (All India Rank) and help discover your strengths and weaknesses. 
Apart from full-length tests, sectional and topic wise tests should also be taken by the candidate to avoid making simple or silly mistakes.

How do you attempt to CAT mock?

The candidates can attempt the CAT mock test from here and download the CAT Mock test PDF

The aspirants can also try the CAT mock test from the official page

CAT 2023 Official Mock Tests are now available in the Website - CAT 2023 Mock Test Link

CAT 2023 Mock Test Link - For PwD Candidates (Blindness and Low Vision)

CAT 2023 Mock Test Link - For Other PwD Candidates

What is the syllabus for the CAT exam?

The syllabus for the CAT 2023 Exam is given below. 

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  2. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  3. Quantitative Ability (QA)

Let us also take you through the CAT 2023 Exam Syllabus details.

Can I prepare for CAT 2023 exam in 3 months?

A.The students can prepare for the CAT 2023 exam in 3 months if the basics of every topic are comprehensively understood and they practice online CAT mock tests daily. They will be able to crack the CAT test easily with methodical preparation. 

Yes! It's possible.

The students must be able to focus on the CAT mock tests and CAT study materials while preparing for the CAT 2023 exam.

The materials and online mock tests for free will provide an in-depth understanding of every topic and type of question that can be expected in the actual exam. One must study with immense focus, dedication and diligence for a good number of hours every day, in order to crack the CAT exam within 3 months. Practice test taking in order to visualize and enhance concepts.
The best preparation can help the student to achieve a good score in the CAT 2023 exam. 
Previous year papers are also a great practice pattern for students, apart from mock tests. Solving these will widen the knowledge and problem-solving curve for candidates. They will also get to understand the difficulty level of the exam, in each year since the last 20 years – and will prepare themselves better henceforth. 

Is 70 percentile good in CAT 2023?

In CAT getting the 70 percentile is a Good score for some management institutes.

If the students want to get into IIM should score above the 95 percentile in CAT Exam.

The top B-Schools like IIMs will release their cutoff dates before the GD or PI rounds, after they declare results of the CAT 2023 exam. With 99 to 100 percentile, students can expect a call from the best and top B-schools and IIMs. Hence, the students must give their best in the CAT 2023 exam and provide their 100% with hardwork and dedication. 

How can I access mock tests for CAT?

You can access some reputable resources for CAT mock tests, such as Career Launcher, IMS learning sources, Unacademy, or the official website of CAT.

What are the available free mock tests for CAT?

Following are some of the most renowned sources for accessing the free CAT mock test:

Is there an official CAT mock test provided by IIM CAT?

Yes, it is available to access on the official website of IIM CAT. It reflects the exam pattern, the number of changes, plus the content of CAT 2023.

How can I access CAT Mock tests from CRACKU?

Visit Cracku, which offers a package of solutions ranging from free to paid ones. This website also has video solutions for more edgy preparations.

How do I access IMS CAT mocks?

It can be accessed through the IMS website dedicated to CAT preparation. This is a test series where you can navigate through multiple sources for mock tests. 

How do I access TIME CAT mocks?

You can prepare for CAT mock tests by visiting TIME's official page dedicated to CAT mock tests. This website offers different paid test series for which you need to enroll. 

How do I access CRACKU CAT mocks?

All you need to do is visit Cracku, where you can access free mock tests with video solutions. It also comes with a paid version with the following packages: 

20 mock tests and 45 sectionals @ ₹1,999.00/-

All in one course for CAT @₹17,999.00/-

How do I access Career Launcher CAT mocks?

You can visit the official Career Launcher page to access the free CAT mock test series 2023. This page offers dedicated sections for test preparation ranging from Arithmetic, number systems, Algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and so on.

How do I access CAT free mock tests from CATKing?

Access free CAT mock tests at CATKing for cutting-edge preparations. It makes you more time-managed and speed-focused.

How do I access Unacademy CAT mock tests?

Candidates who have completed the application process for CAT 2022 can easily have access to the CAT Mock test by Unacademy by entering their application number and birth date. Candidates can attempt this test from anywhere.

How do I access Learn4Exam CAT mocks?

For more in-depth analysis and improved scores, you can access the CAT mock test by Learn4exam. You can easily prepare for CAT mains through this paid test series page of the official website.

How do I access CAT free mock tests from Unacademy?

The free CAT mock exam is available at Unacademy. The targeted preparations for the CAT and other entrance exams are the emphasis of this section of Unacademy.

How do I access Oliveboard CAT mocks?

Visit Oliveboard and register for a mock free test by entering your email id, mobile number, and password.

How do I access Iquanta CAT mock tests?

iQuanta is a paid series of mock tests with New and updated CAT patterns. You can have access by visiting iQuanta. This paid series of tests range from ₹5,000 to ₹24,999. Before taking the test, you must register or log in by entering your credentials.

How can I access CAT questions for practice?

You can access the latest pattern of CAT and its questions on the official website of IIM CAT. Also, you can take preparatory mock tests from online sources and platforms such as Career Launcher, Unacademy, TIME, and others. You can access questions through the books for CAT written by renowned authors.

What kinds of questions are asked in CAT?

CAT is a time-based examination that judges the candidate's aptitude and verbal ability. This test is divided into three sections which are as follows: 

  • Section 1- Verbal Ability and reading comprehension 

  • Section 2- Data Interpretation and reading comprehension 

  • Section 3- Quantitative Aptitude 

This test comes with a negative marking for every wrong answer.

How should I prepare for CAT quant questions?

It is a meticulous process that works in step-by-step and planned efforts. First, you must be pro in your basics and always have an in-hand preparation schedule. Focus more on shortcuts for solving quants. Keep strengthening your weak areas and practice with sectional time. Don't forget to solve mock tests and previous year's papers.

How should I prepare for CAT arithmetic questions?

First, you need to work on building your concepts, focusing on shortcuts and tricks to solve quickly. Keep elevating the level of your practice from easy to difficult. To be well prepared for CAT mains, keep solving the mock tests and previous year's papers.

How should I prepare for CAT English questions?

Work on enhancing your vocabulary by reading English newspapers regularly, reading English novels, or listening to podcasts. Learn the art of time management through reading comprehension exercises through solving previous year's papers. Keep updating yourself with the newest vocabulary.

How should I prepare for CAT verbal ability questions?

Start by working on your reading skills and make sure that you are fully able to read and understand the questions. Keep practicing the Verbal ability sections of the mock tests, where you will find questions related to odd one out, para jumbles, and para summary. Mock tests are one of the best sources for strengthening your skills of verbal ability for CAT Mains.

How should I prepare for CAT logical reasoning questions?

This particular section of CAT asks questions relating to binary logic, order, arrangements, games and tournaments, ranking, Venn diagrams, puzzles, logical sequencing, and so on. To attempt this section, pay attention to the details and read the question carefully to get the answer quickly. Please take note of the fact that you don't have to use your assumptions to solve the questions. Use the elimination technique and pay attention to negative prefixes and other words.

How should I prepare for CAT-level questions?

First, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest pattern of the CAT examination, which you go through on its official website. Second, regular self-study, along with coaching from online platforms, enhances your preparation. Keep working on managing your time and sharpen your speed skills and focus by solving previous year's question papers and mock tests. 

How can I access CAT questions and answers?

You can get access to CAT question and answer through Cracku, which is one of the most renowned sources for CAT preparations.

How can I access the previous year's papers for CAT?

You can easily get access to previous year's papers for CAT through the following sources: 

How can I download the CAT 2022 question paper?

Download the CAT 2022 question paper pdf with answers for slots 1, 2, and 3.

How can I crack the CAT exam?

CAT examination is aimed at checking the verbal ability, logical reasoning, and aptitude skills of the candidate. Cracking the CAT exam is an art of time management and speed plus focus. To approach CAT, first, you need to be updated with its latest pattern and syllabus. Solve previous year's papers and mock tests.


Take coaching and mentoring from renowned online platforms and do rigorous self-practice. For a good percentile, try to leave questions that you feel you are unsure of to achieve a high percentile because negative marking can affect the overall percentile. 


Which mock test series is considered the best for CAT

According to reviews from CAT top scorers and educators, Cracku is one of the best sites for the CAT Mock exam series.

Which are the best books for CAT 2023?

Some of the best publications for CAT preparations are as follows:

  • Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

  • How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma

  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha

  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma

Also, check the CAT mock test series from the TIME Test Series and IMS Test Series.

Stay informed, Stay ahead and stay inspired with MBA Rendezvous.