3 Months to CAT – Your Winning Strategy

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how to prepare for cat in 3 months

CAT 2021 is exactly 3 months away and it’s time to pull up your socks. Make sure you are done with your CAT 2021 registration which has already started from  4th August 2021 and ends by 15th September 2021. If not before, NOW is the time to devise your preparation plan and winning strategy to crack CAT 2021. Let us help you get to it step by step.

Pre-Requisite: You should have written at least 1-5 online and paper based mock tests by now and should have identified your areas of - interest, strengths and weakness. Let us now go by month to month for each section so that you can write your own plan.

How to prepare for CAT in 3 months ?

Month 1:  August 4, 2021 to 15 September 2021


  1. Focus on improving your speed of reading and comprehension.
  2. Start your day with reading editorials of elite newspapers such as The Hindu, Economic Times. Time yourself when you do it. Build up your speed to at least 150-200 wpm during this first month.
  3. Try to solve at least 3-5 RC passages during the day. Don’t time bound yourself initially, but by the time you are ready to enter the second month you should be able to solve them in at least 15 minutes or less.
  4. Learn 15-20 vocab words daily using the GRE Barons List and their synonyms.
  5. Devise an approach for PJs, Odd one out and summary type questions. They are mostly non-MCQ type so do it accordingly.


  1. Work on standard DI and LR sets with medium difficulty level.
  2. Time yourself when you solve these sets. Even if it takes you 15-20 minutes or more, keep track of the time.
  3. Get a grip of using the online calculator.
  4. List down the catch points when you are solving new age and traditional sets.


  1. Brush through the entire QA syllabus during this month and clarify all your doubts.
  2. Revise your formulae daily. Divide them chapter wise or any other classification that suits you.
  3. Keep the following shortcuts on your tips for numbers 11 up to 50 – squares, square roots, cubes, cube root, tables.
  4. Solve sectional mocks for QA and see where you stand. Keep track of the number of questions you are able to attempt.

Month 2: 15th September 2021 to 27th October 2021


  1. By now your reading habit should be in place and speed should be up to 200 wpm. Continue with reading the editorials and daily vobab words with the synonyms.
  2. Focus on writing the sectional mocks now and start to build your stamina of reading 5-6 RC passages in about 40-50 minutes.
  3. Brush the other areas of Grammar which have usually not been asked in the past years, because CAT is notorious for throwing bouncers. Be ready for surprises.
  4. Increase the difficulty level of PJs and other non-MCQ topics.


  1. Get into writing sectional mocks and analyse them thoroughly.
  2. It is a good time to solve sets in a group as well and discuss logics of different types of DILR sets.
  3. Increase the difficulty level of the questions and put yourself through the ordeal of solving them.
  4. Build your strategy for each type of set and polish your approach while solving the sets.


  1. This is the last section you will have to attempt during the CAT 2021 exam, so it is very important to build your concentration and not let tiredness take over you.
  2. Make sure you study QA topics or write the mocks during the latter part of the day so that you can beat your tiredness.
  3. Keep revising your formulae and shortcuts daily.
  4. Increase difficulty level of the questions you solve.

Month 3: 27th October 2021 to 27th November 2021


  1. Continue with the basics as the first 2 months.
  2. Build your speed of solving 5-6 mocks in almost less than 10 minutes. 12 minutes is the maximum you can go.
  3. Keep working on remaining types of questions within 10 minutes.


  1. Check that you are not repeating your previous mistakes.
  2. Attempt 5-6 DILR sets within 10-12 minutes at max.
  3. Make sure you are by now sure how to choose a set and what questions to answer in them.
  4. Keep practicing questions with the approaches you have built.
  5. Solve the DILR sets of last 10 years of CAT.


  1. The formulae and shortcuts should be on your tips by now.
  2. Check that you are not repeating your previous mistakes.
  3. Be sure o the order in which you will be attempting this section.

We hope going through these pointers you will have a clear idea on how can you build your own time table and work towards your goal. It is up to an individual how you many hours you want to spend each day.

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