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Aggression is required but values less

Aggression is required but values less

Aggression is required but values less

Essay writing is a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection process. 

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This article on " Aggression is required but values less ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Essay Writing Test:

We live in a highly competitive world. The competition exists everywhere. Every person is trying hard to outshine some and prove themselves in the eyes of others. In such a world, the boundaries between what are wrong and right has been blurred. The value of virtues has been deteriorating. The new virtues of this new highly competitive world are the things that enable one to move forward in life and achieve success. One of the spawns of the fast moving, hectic and competitive life is – Aggression. 
Aggression is a trait that has become more and more visible in people over the years. The scourges of ever increasing pressure and sky high expectations has led to the birth of aggression and most people who work in an environment rife with pressure, competition and over-board expectation tend to become aggressive in their professional as well as personal life. Exceptions exist, always. The question, however is- Is aggression something right? Does aggression lead you to a good life? Should one proudly possess or try to inculcate aggression in oneself?
Before we can actually discuss the merits and demerits of aggression, it is actually quite important to understand how this particular attribute, manifests itself in the lives of the people. How do people show aggression in their personal lives? When the work pressure is surmounting and the deadlines approach the end point, the bosses at the offices start to shout, yell and create havoc for the employees who work under them. Sometimes, the work pressure and expectation to do better than the best, compels the bosses to take the evil role with their hunters. It can be easily noticed that almost every employee uses aggression over the ones who work under them to get the job done. 
The aggression games do not end at the office. Some people carry them home. A research has proved that people who suffer from extra work pressure and sufferable work environment do not lead a happy home life as they carry their mental aggression home. Such people are more likely to yell and shout over kids and wife at home. Having known the kind of behavior that aggression induces, it is easier to answer whether possessing aggression is good or bad? Is it a vice or a virtue? 
Aggression is neither a vice nor a virtue. It is neither bad nor good. Its expression as good or bad depends entirely on how a person handles it and channels the aggression inside them. The truth is that one cannot completely avoid the aggression that one receives involuntarily through the work pressure. However, one can use this aggression to either build up things or destroy them. Aggression is essentially a kind of trapped energy. 
Most people waste this trapped energy by letting it explode in wrong ways- yelling at others, complaining of laxity, punishing people more often than required. When people ventilate their aggression in this way, it leads to incompetent and unhappy working conditions at office. This leads to incompetency. Thus, this kind of expression of aggression is harmful not only to other people but to the person indulging in it too and it should, therefore, be completely avoided. 
On the contrary, some people understand the art of turning their aggression (i.e. the trapped energy) into something more meaningful. These people instead of releasing their anger by shouting and yelling at their subservient employees, use it to inspire themselves and inspire others. These people understand that getting aggressive or tempered will not lead them to anywhere good. Hence, these people use the aggression to derive them and use it as a motivation factor to keep going and keep doing their work in the best possible way. Not only do these people inspire themselves, they also keep other motivated by regularly inspiring them with their motivational words. 
Aggression may not be necessarily wrong. There have been many great people in the past who were aggressive but they utilized their aggression to create good things. The famous America revolutionary Che Guevara was an extremely aggressive man who utilized his aggression to serve the poor in the country and bring about an economic and social revolution. Similarly, in India, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Vallabh Bhai Patel and the likes were known to be aggressive people but they used their aggression for a right cause- to get freedom for their country. 
Thus, aggression like many other things is just a reaction to the conditions surrounding us. Turning this reaction into something meaningful is an art that people need to learn. If they don’t, they will continue to ventilate their anger in ways that are unwelcoming and destructive. 
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