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Every great achievement is done slowly

Every great achievement is done slowly

Published : Friday, 15 May, 2015 11:32 AM

Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA admission selection process.
MBA Rendezvous has started series of Extempore Speech Topics which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection.

Read on topic:  Everygreat achievement is done slowly

The adages 'Rome was not built in a day' and 'slow and steady wins the race' point to an essential attribute of achievement or success, that it takes time and consistent effort. A great achievement does not occur instantly but is a result of years of hard work, perseverance, determination and self-belief. Also, an achievement which is based on a strong foundation is more likely to last longer than one which is laid on a weak foundation.

Every great achievement begins from scratch. Nothing can be achieved overnight. Overnight success is more of an exception rather than norm. Just as a seed takes time to bloom into a flower, a good thought or action becomes a great achievement only with time.

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History is replete with examples of achievers who have changed the face of earth with their achievements. Newton, Edison, Einstein, Wright Brothers, Nelson Mandela and KalpanaChawla are names of few achievers, who have reached the pinnacle of success, only after, painstakingly working towards their goals. They did not taste success at once but kept walking the path of achievements, overcoming obstacles, with a single-minded focus to succeed.

Patience is the key to achieving something big. Without patience, a person will lose focus and is more likely to give up. Only a patient person, who believes in himself, will last through the challenges that come his way and work diligently, despite the hurdles, to achieve success. It is not possible to immediately reap what you sow.  Every great achievement requires time.  The path to success is covered step by step. It is imperative that the right steps are taken to enable the person to succeed. 

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Instead of short-lived fame, one must strive for permanent glory and work towards it. Instead of rushing up things to achieve instantly, it is wise to take your time and carefully lay down a strong foundation for success. Being slow does not mean being lazy or procrastinating. It is not a flaw. If used judiciously and smartly, time can become the biggest asset for a person. The person can use time to implement his ideas, test them for any weaknesses, improve them and so on. 

In order to achieve anything, one requires determination. The real character of a man is known once he fails. The great achievers distinguish themselves by their ability to learn from their failures and take the failures in their strides. For instance, Edison wouldn't have invented a bulb had he got bogged down by failures. Often, we are very close to achieving a breakthrough or discovering a new thing. However, at the very last moment, when we are knocking at the doors of success, we give up. To stay determined till the very end is the hallmark of a great achiever.

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Along with hard work, perseverance, patience, determination, great achievements are a result of diligent planning. A clear strategy helps deal with uncertainties effectively and makes the goal seem achievable. 

Thus, it is fair to say that achievements are a consequence of a level of perfection reached over time with consistent effort. 

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