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Skilled Manpower shortage in India

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Skilled Manpower shortage in India, Extempore Topics, Extempore Speech Tips
 Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 

We at MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection 

This article on " Skilled Manpower shortage in India  ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Extempore Speech: 

It is a fact that every country requires skilled manpower in order to succeed or develop. Without the skilled man power, a country can do absolutely nothing. A country requires its human resources to become developed and if it is developed, it requires skilled man power in order to prosper and move atop in the global scenario. According to the population statistics, India comes on the second number. Thus, India has a lot of man power and yet the country comes in the list of the developing nations. There are so many sectors where India still lacks behind and comes below many nations.  

There are a lot of people who say that India is suffering from the shortage of skilled manpower. These people say that there are not enough skilled people to take India to a whole another level of economic and global success. Is it true? If yes, then, it is a matter for concern for the Indian government and the nation as a whole. If after being the second most populous country in the world, India does not have enough skilled man power, it is a matter of serious concern. 
The fact is that India is suffering from the shortage of skilled manpower. According to a lot of surveys and researches done in the last one year, the statistics have proved there are so many different sectors in India like the Information technology, construction, mining etc. Not only this, the country is facing skilled manpower shortage in the field of media and film industry. It is reported that the field will require about three lakh professionals in the next ten years.  Given the present scenario, this number would not be available in any case. The reports have shown that there are a significant number of departments where there is an absolute necessity of skilled manpower. The question that arises at this point is why there is a shortage of skilled manpower in India. There are so many reasons that could be attributed to it. Here are a few: 
1.The education system in India is not the kind that aims to produce skilled labors. The education system of Indian lacks a targeted approach to study. The good part about the education system of most other countries is that in these nations the education system is extremely targeted. The problem with India is that there is absolutely no lack of human power. However, the problem arises when it comes to meeting the demand for skilled labor. In the Indian education system, the education is not given with some skill or career prospective in mind and that is where the problem begins to occur. Most of the companies that hire employees spend time and money in training them first, which itself, is a major hindrance in the field of employment. 
2.Yet another problem with the Indian education system is that of brain drain. A major chunk of the students who pass out from the universities and other institutes, go to foreign countries. The salary that these students get in foreign countries is almost thrice or four times more the salary that the students get in India. Thus, in order to earn more money, a major portion of the talented lot of the country migrates to other countries for selfish interests. The problem of brain drain and migration has played a very integral part in the shortage of skilled man power. 
3.Lastly, there is one more reason for the lack of skilled manpower in India. To start with, education has become extremely expensive these days and thus, a lot many people, a major portion of the Indian rural population and the population which lives below the poverty line, are unable to get educated. Whatever education that they get is hardly vocational in any sense. Thus, even when these people, they do get educated, they are hardly skilled in any sense. According to a survey conducted by the Nasscom, of all the graduates that pass through universities each year, only 26% are suitable to seek employment. 
The lack of skilled labor can create innumerous problems for a nation. If there is no adequate labor class in a country, the country’s GDP and economic progress will incur heavy losses. The statistics have proved that the shortage of skilled manpower in India is not a myth but a reality. There are still so many things that the Indian Government can do to improve the situation before it gets worst. Here are some of the suggestions that might help the curb the shortage:
1.About 70% of the Indian population still lives in the villages. The people in the rural areas do not get proper education. One can find the most number of cases of drop outs in these areas only. The government should make a special effort to provide education to people living in rural areas. More and more education plans needs to be implemented. Apart from this, vocational training should be made a part of the mainstream education system and should be used as much as possible. 
2.The government of India should also make efforts to stop the loss of the entire talented crowd to foreign countries. The government should strive to create employment within the country so that students do not have to go far and wide. Apart from this, government should encourage investments within the country. This will lead to the construction of more and more white collared and highly paid jobs and thus, the Indians would not have to seek jobs outside India for a good salary. 
The fact is that of the total population, two third Indians are below the age of thirty five and are capable of becoming good manpower or human resource. Thus, though India may be suffering from a shortage of skilled labor right now but it is a problem that can easily be dealt with. All the government needs to do is take a few smart steps to promote vocalization of education and increased investment within the country. 

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