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Toothpaste Industry in India

Toothpaste Industry in India
Dreaming for bright career is the first priority of a young student and rightly so; you have taken a right decision to do MBA but you are expected to know and understand or at least have some idea of different segments of industry.
This general awareness article on ‘Tooth Paste Industry in India’ will help you in WAT/Essay/GD and PI also.
Read:  Toothpaste Industry in India
The Quick Facts That you must know about the Toothpaste Industry in India
With so many new tooth paste brands coming up in India, it is certainly pretty much challenging rather confusing on whether the product that are using is worth reliable. Are we dealing in the safe product or merely it is something that we need to focus more on while choosing. At such point of time, when you look around other countries in the world which have been selling such product, you may notice that there are selective brands only that are sold in the market on the commercial basis. Talking about some of the best products that are sold at a higher rate in India, toothpaste is one of the leading one. With so many different brands available in the same product, certainly consumer needs to think from the budget and results point of view.
The facts which must be highlighted
  • It seems that all the toothpaste brands promises to offer the best result to the customers. But the question is actually the customer satisfied?
  • There are so many expectations from the customer for the toothpaste which they use. Right from the fresh smell tills the white teeth. However, is the toothpaste which you pop in your bag the right one?
  • The brands in the market are ruled by typically 2- 3 names. Some come in form of paste while some come in gel. Is there any kind of difference that you may notice in any of such product?
Well if we think on such facts, we come to know that to get the right product simply relying on the advertisement will not provide us with the proper brand. At the end decision is entirely on us. However, looking at the India as growing one in terms of toothpaste, it seems that there are so many new styles of products coming up every day that this industry is slowly but positively growing well in the market today.
Know who is Ruling?
The tooth paste History in India dates back on 1975 with 1200 tones of toothpaste. However, due to growing industry with so many great brands and the overall hyped advertisement, people are now moving their interest from the natural products to the brands which promise to give the results. 
Toothpaste industry in India
Source: sanasecurities
Currently products like Colgate Dental Cream is holding 52% of market share while pepsondent, Babool and Neem which are other common Indian brands share 14.5% market share. If you compare the toothpaste industry in India with developed countries as USA and other European countries, the toothpaste sold to Indian citizen as compared to other counties in terms of gms per person is pretty less. In India it is sold at 190gms while in other countries it is 375 Gms per person.
Though tooth paste industry in India is growing, but the question is it really giving the customers value for the money which they pay. If not, then what initiative they should make to do a good improvement and provide the country with more better yet cost friendly product. Looking at the fast pace of tooth paste industry in India, it seems that more and more brands will arrive.
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