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Become employable Glocally with IIFT

Become employable Glocally with IIFT

A perfect blend of education and opportunities can lead you to a stable and flourishing career. Calling the world we live in a “Global Village” is almost an obsolete term now, since the buzz word today is GLOCALIZATION. Coined by sociologist Roland Robertson in 1980, where it was first used in the Harvard Business Review. According to him glocalization is "the simultaneity – the co-presence — of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies." It is important to understand that the global and domestic markets are wired together within the global value chain.  

 An MBA in International Business (their flagship program) offered by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade enables you to simultaneously study about the global and local aspects of international business and international trade and being glocally valuable.

MBA Rendezvous brings you the 3Es of Employability that IIFT focuses on to make its students valuable and employable in the domestic and the international job scene or as we call it the glocal scene-

  1. Education Education

  1. The MBA (IB) course at IIFT is continuously fine tuned to meet the latest that is happening in the dynamic field of international business and trade.
  2. The course material is broken into 6 trimesters and offers an array of subjects like Business Economics, Financial Accounting, HRM, International Finance Management, India, Global Trade and WTO, ORM, SCM, International Trade Logistics and Trade Analytics etc. These subjects help build a strong base for the students which can help them understand both international and domestic business.
  3. Along with the regular subjects, a unique feature that IIFT offers is a variety of electives to choose from. Some with specific IB focus are B2B, Cross Cultural Management and Managing Global Compliance in Exports etc.  The General Electives list offers topics like Rural Marketing, CRM and Customs & Excise Management etc. These electives provide an edge to the students.
  1. ExposureExposure

  1. There are numerous corporate interaction events where student get a chance to expand their learning curve by meeting with some top global and local industry giants such as Nestle, Hindustan Unilever and Goldman Sachs etc.
  2. Students are given exposure on first hand basis regarding Shipping, Customs and Port Operations both in India and abroad. Many trade promotion agencies are invited so that students can interact with them directly.
  3. The Students exchange program in countries like Europe and North America, is a golden opportunity that IIFT offers its students where they get both global and local (glocal) visibility and exposure.
  1. Extra CurricularExtra Curricular

The International Management Forum (IMF) is a student run administrative body that helps run various students events and clubs. The symposiums etc conducted by this body gives an exposure to students in such a way that they can interact with glocal companies and vendors.

Knowledge & Exposure, Communication, Teamwork, Innovative Learning and Glocal Thinking are the top 5 qualities of being employable. And it is but undeniable that IIFT leaves no stone unturned to instill these values in their students and make them employable glocally.

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