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MBA In Consultancy Management

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In the competitive and dynamic business environment of today, companies increasingly employ the services of consultants to keep them competitive and ahead of their competitors. It is one field where innovation, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and executives can choose to give their consultancy services in the area of their expertise. There are several other perks that is attracting young students into enrolling in courses related to Consultancy.


Why Consultancy?

Consultancy has emerged as a lucrative field for aspirants enrolling in MBA. Though the process that the aspirants go through to become consultants is intense and challenging as they have to face a volley of written tests, face to face interviews and case studies, it is immensely rewarding too, once they make it to the other side. The fat pay packages, perks and a chance to work for the top companies at your own pace and convenience more than make up for the gruelling process the candidates are put through.  


MBA in Consultancy

Most business schools have designed an MBA programme with specialization in Consultancy. Generally, it is split into three areas- strategy consulting, management consulting, and IT consulting. The programme usually takes 12-24 months to finish, depending on the institute and the country you do it from.


Consultancy Management

There are several popular management schools in India offering MBA in Consultancy Management. It is a two-year degree course that covers areas such as strategy, structure, management and operations. The MBA in Consultancy Management covers a mix of management skills (Marketing, Finance and so on) and courses designed to build consultancy skills.


MBA Consultancy Management Syllabus

Some of the subjects students study as part of their Programme are:


Leadership and Managing Change

Consulting and People Skills

Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial Management

Project Management

Consultancy Practice

Strategic Change Management

Business Process Analysis

Managerial Economics

Operations Management

Managing People and Organisations

Quantitative Methods

Supply Chain Management

Financial and Management Accounting


Possible Career Choices

Management consultants use their skills to assist people and organisations to remain competitive by solving different problems that an organisation faces on a daily basis. It is also a consultant’s job to implement better trade practices within the organisation and suggest ways to improve the system. Most firms these days employ a range of experts to help them run the organisation in an optimum way and reduce costs. There are a number of options available before students wanting to specialise in consultancy:


General: Companies such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG and the like offer a range of consultancy services to organisations such as strategy consulting, human resources and IT.


Strategy Consultants: These consultants provide strategic suggestions to the clients on a project-by-project basis.


IT Consultants: These consultants offer IT related advice such as information system requirements, systems analysis and design and so on.


Financial Consultants: These experts specialise in offering finance related advice such as budgetary control systems, profit and expenditure planning and so on.


Human Resource Consultants: These experts offer HR related advice to firms such as restructuring, reward strategies, talent retention programmes and so on.


MBA in Consultancy is becoming a popular choice. People who are experienced and employed in various domains can opt for this course to grow or shift from one specialization to another. A consultant assumes the role of an analyst and a researcher and helps the organisation find solutions to their problems. In this, the role of consultants has become indispensable to an organisation.  


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