MBA in Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for MBA Aspirants with Scope & Salary

MBA in marketing scope

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Masters of Business Administration is one of the most favoured programs among the students. As the name suggests, MBA incorporates different facets of Business Administration and enlightens the students in identifying with the nuts and bolts of operating a business, while preparing them to become proficient managers. MBA covers various areas such as marketing, finance, human resource, supply chain, logistics etc. Thet two year MBA program provides a professional outlook to the students and makes them industry-ready.

In the MBA program, MBA in Marketing is one of the traditional and demanding specializations and several students plan to make a successful career within this specialization.

In this article, we will discuss the MBA in marketing scope and benefits

What is a MBA in Marketing?

In the past few years, MBA in Marketing has become the most preferred degree among students and professionals. The growing popularity of online marketing has raised the interest of the people in this new genre. Due to which most organizations now incorporate an in-house marketing team with themselves, that specializes in getting clients for the company and publicizing the clients’ products. Hence concluded, marketing is the core of any organization. With accelerating technological advancements in the world, the marketing trend has been evolving and transforming rapidly.

Students having an extravagant interests in sectors like media, entertainment, advertisement, promotions and sales, while having a strong desire to play a dynamic role in an ever-changing environment, are just the legitimate candidates to pursue an MBA in Marketing Program. Also, candidates much possess skills like excellent communication, planning ability, strategic thinking, ability to sell one on, and analytical and problem-solving qualities.

Best B-school for MBA in Marketing

We all know that marketing is an integral part of an organization, which works towards the building and branding of an organization. Colleges play a key role in grooming and overall development of a candidate. Here are some of the top colleges in India which provide quality education in MBA in Marketing.

  1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

  2. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi

  3. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

  4. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

  5. S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

  6. XLRI, Jamshedpur

  7. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

  8. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

  9. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

  10. Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Career Opportunities with an MBA in Marketing

Students with a Marketing Management degree can be a part of direct and digital marketing. In global contemporary times, the marketing concept is not confined to door trade but has now opened up to social media, web designing, pay-per-click, search media optimization, search engine optimization, articles and so on. There are innumerable specific fields in marketing, where the students can explore their career options, though, a degree in MBA in Marketing does not restrict the students in marketing profiles only. In fact, the acquired skills prepare the students to be open to a dozen of other professions, ranging from consultancy to enterprising management. A list of a few job profiles that are available to the students after the completion of their course are:

  1. Marketing Manager

  2. Branding Manager

  3. Asset Manager

  4. Corporate Sales

  5. Sales Manager

  6. Product Manager

  7. Media Manager

  8. Head of Digital Marketing

Pay Scale for MBA in Marketing:

Let’s take a look at some of the top colleges and analyse how much an MBA graduate in Marketing earns yearly.

  1. Goa Institute of Management, Goa - 24 LPA (Highest Salary)

  2. FORE School of Management, New Delhi - 18 LPA (Highest Salary)

  3. T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal - 12.3 LPA (Average Salary)

Top Recruiters for an MBA in Marketing:

MBA in Marketing is the oldest and demanding specialization in MBA programs. MBA in Marketing is a very vast specialization and has lots of scopes. A marketer can explore his/her opportunities in other sectors as well. Here are some of the top recruiters for MBA in Marketing:

  1. Sony

  2. Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals India

  3. Spencer’s Retail India Limited

  4. KPMG

  5. Reckitt & Benckiser

  6. Tech Mahindra

  7. Procter & Gamble

  8. Nestle

  9. Pepsico

  10. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd India

Demand for MBA in Marketing in the Industry:

MBA in Marketing is a wide field with lots of scope and opportunities. The scope for MBA in Marketing sees no limit. Marketing is a far-flung field. There are lots of industries that open up for the Marketing Management degree holders, like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Information Technology (IT), Entertainment, Communications, etc. There are several job opportunities in sectors like Tourism, Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Advertising, Consultancy, Media, Market Research, etc.

Other than these, candidates holding a degree in MBA in Marketing can work as lecturers in premier institutions, where they are likely to get exemplary salaries.

India is growing at an incredibly fast rate and is gradually becoming a Corporate hub, henceforth, it is obvious to understand that professionals who are well-versed with this subject, are likely to find various takers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does an MBA in marketing do?
Ans. Students who pursue an MBA in marketing learn about sales, marketing sectors, executive and leadership management abilities, consumer trends, market strategies, product management, and market research in a variety of businesses.

Q2. Is marketing a good career?
Ans. Yes, MBA in Marketing is a good career. Marketing is an excellent major since it is incredibly adaptable and can lead to a range of well-paying, in-demand jobs with high work satisfaction and prospects for further education. The Marketing MBA programme is designed to assist students in developing their communication and interpersonal skills.

Q3. Is there maths in MBA marketing?
Ans. No, an MBA does not demand the use of mathematics. MBA is a professional degree in which you will learn about various management and accounting topics.

Q4. Which MBA is highly paid in India?
Ans.Below are the MBA Specializations and their average salary:

MBA Specialization

Average Salary

MBA Finance

INR 2- 14.70 LPA

MBA in HR Management

INR 4.50- 15.50 LPA

MBA Information Technology

INR 10K- 6 LPA

MBA Logistics Management

INR 6.25- 8.50 LPA

MBA Marketing Management

INR 14.25- 20.43 LPA

Q5. What can I do after MBA in marketing?
Ans. After doing MBA in marketing there are multiple job opportunities in the below profile-

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Channel Head
  • Brand Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Corporate Communications Head

Q6.  What is the salary of MBA in marketing?
Ans. An MBA in marketing encompasses all facets of marketing and provides students with a thorough understanding of traditional marketing techniques. An MBA in Marketing graduate's average to highest income ranges between 7 and 25 lakh per year in 2022.


Being a popular specialization with wide career scope and opportunities. Marketing is an integral part of an industry and it has changed over a period of time. Now students with an MBA in Marketing need to be more creative and unique with their ideas. During their learning process, students build new skill sets like strategy thinking, enterpreneurial skills and improve their confidence which will help them in the industry. The knowledge which students have received will always guide and help them in securing a great future. 

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