MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing in India

As the name suggests, Masters of Business Administration, incorporates different facets of Business Administration, and enlightens the students in identifying with the nuts and bolts of operating a business, while preparing them to become proficient managers.

One crucial specialization of an MBA is a two-years long program in, MBA in Marketing.

What is MBA in Marketing?

Being one of the primeval disciplines in management studies, the idolization of MBA in Marketing has just increased over time. Due to snowballing of globalization and mushrooming of digital spheres, most organizations incorporate an in-house marketing team with themselves, that specializes in getting clients for the company and publicizing the clients’ products. Hence concluded, marketing is the core of any organization. With accelerating technological advancements in the world, the marketing trend has been evolving and transforming rapidly.

Who Can Pursue MBA in Marketing?

Students having an extravagant interest in sectors like media, entertainment, advertisement, promotions and sales, while having a strong desire to play a dynamic role in an ever-changing environment, are just the legitimate candidates to pursue an MBA in Marketing Program. Also, candidates much possess skills like excellent communication, planning ability, strategic thinking, ability to sell one on, and analytical and problem-solving qualities.

Other than having these prerequisite qualities and interests, the following criterions are a must for pursuing an MBA in Marketing:

  • Students must have 50% marks in bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University.
  • Students must secure the necessary percentile in entrance exams such as CAT, GMAT or similar examinations.
  • Students must clear GD/PI Rounds.

An Outline of MBA in Marketing

As a part of the curriculum of a two-year course, students will study subjects including Strategic Planning, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Cost Volume and Profit, Analysis of Demand, along with incorporating skills in themselves such as communication, analytics, business ethics and leadership. The course will enable students to identify the market choices, through acquiring the analyzing competence of demand. Some of the subjects that will be included in the course are:

  • Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Planning
  • Principles of Sales Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing Audit
  • Advertising Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Economic Analysis

The Trajectory of Careers

Students with a Marketing Management degree, can be a part of direct and digital marketing. In global contemporary times, the marketing concept is not confined to door to door trade, but has now opened up to social media, web designing, pay-per-click, search media optimization, search engine optimization, articles and so on. There are innumerable specific fields in marketing, where the students can explore their career options, though, a degree in MBA in Marketing does not restrict the students in marketing profiles only. In fact, the acquired skills prepare the students to be open to a dozen of other professions, ranging from consultancy to enterprising management. A list of a few job profiles that are available to the students after the completion of their course are:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Branding Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Corporate Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing

The Purview of MBA in Marketing

The scope for MBA in Marketing sees no limit. Marketing is a far-flung field. There are lots of industries that open up for the Marketing Management degree holders, like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Information Technology (IT), Entertainment, Communications, etc. There are several job opportunities in sectors like Tourism, Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Advertising, Consultancy, Media, Market Research, etc.

Other than these, candidates holding a degree in MBA in Marketing, can work as lecturers in premier institutions, where they are likely to get exemplary salaries.

India is growing at an incredibly fast rate and is gradually becoming a Corporate hub, henceforth, it is obvious to understand that professionals who are well-versed with this subject, are likely to find various takers.

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