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MBA Aspirants will be taking various MBA Entrance tests CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT by GMAC, IBSAT, CMAT or MAT wherein you would be tested out for your language skills in form of reading comprehension, which is commonly known as RC by students.

RC is an unseen passage wherein you will be getting approximately four hundred fifty words which you have to read fast and absorb fast and then you will be having four to five questions with four to five options as answers and you are expected to tick mark the correct answer.

On the face of it RC looks very easy but while in the examination RC becomes very tricky because you get hardly a minute to read a para and answer the questions.

The trick of cracking RC is to read the para as fast as possible and comprehend the message written in between the lines in RC.

You would be totally dependent on your vocabulary bank which will be very handy to crack RC.

The natural instinct which comes to mind is as to why you would be tested in RC?

Let’s understand the background of language skills that besides communication it is very important in the businesses to write in such a way that not only your internal and external customers understand you but this communication is out of any legal purview. Hence that is the reason you are being tested out in RC, so that your aptitude for language skills can be judged.

Most of the times in RC it is jumbled para and many a times idioms and proverbs are used along with the text and that really confuses sometimes if you are not a good fast reader and this is where students commit blunders because the questions will be originating from context of the para rather than idioms. Hence you need to have clarity with the understanding and vocabulary is the most crucial part of RC.

How to enrich your Vocabulary?

This remains a puzzle in the minds of MBA aspirants and in this regard, the only method is usage of vocabulary and for that matter old conventional way of mugging up vocabulary and using in sentences becomes really handy.

It is also advisable to read editorials of newspapers and even the classic novels can enrich your vocabulary.

Practise, Practise and Practise is the only solution not only to make your vocabulary strong but that would also add speed to your reading habits and you will be equally able to comprehend test in RC. RC cannot be improved overnight as it is pertinent to note that none of the areas in RC can be achieved overnight but yes, if the candidate is putting focus in RC it will not only improve English language usage but you might gain confidence also.

RC can be equally spoiler in competitive examinations, hence students are advised to make sure that they are really good in language skills so that they can crack RC easily.

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