Don't Let Politeness Interfere With Truth

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Please read following topic on WAT and develop your own skills : Don't let politeness interfere with truth

Politeness, sometimes is wrongly seen as a sign of weakness. Actually, politeness comes from a position of strength. People who are polite are stronger than the ones who are not, for such people don’t need to resort to aggression, rudeness, and other such tactics to convey their point across. On the other hand, being polite can be misconstrued as a sign of dishonesty and deceit, such is the times we live in.

Politeness v/s Insolence

Given how dramatically the volume of news anchors has gone up, as they go to great ‘pains’ to bring the news that the nation wants to know, the era of polite, courteous anchors seems to be over for the time being. This sadly reflects the change in society too, as the refined quality of politeness has given way to a rather boisterous, over the top, often rude behaviour. 

Honesty is self-sufficient

Being impolite with someone, and this includes raising your voice, being aggressive, is thought to be a sign of honesty. It is thought that a person who uses such tactics, must be speaking the truth as he seems to be speaking with conviction and passion and in doing so, screams and gets aggressive. Whereas, a person, who is polite, comes across as someone who is not sure of his position, is shy and lacks self- belief. But this is not the right way of assessing someone. A person who is speaking the truth does not need to rely on dramatic effects and aggression to convince others. Truth stands alone and needs no crutches. Even when a person is polite, if he is speaking the truth, he doesn’t have to be bogged down or fear anything.

Be polite but firm

Politeness, in fact, represents a steady mind and civilized behaviour. It is alright to be polite but when you know that your politeness is interfering with the truth and being misconstrued against you, you have to stand up for yourself and be firm. A person, is generally polite in order to not hurt the feelings of others. Impoliteness can cause hurt and awkwardness between people, hence, people try to avoid it to hide their true feelings. For example, if a person asks, ‘how do I look?’, the answer generally is in the affirmative even if you don’t like how the person is dressed. This is because revealing your true feelings will hurt them. But, in being polite, you also keep away the truth from them, which can make a mockery of them when they step out and cause greater pain.  

Speak the truth unabashedly

Speaking the truth is the best thing possible under most circumstances. Your politeness may interfere with the truth and affect your mind. A lie for the sake of politeness may, perhaps, help your cause in the short- term, but it will, in most cases, harm you and the person spoken to in the long run. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow your politeness to come in the way of speaking the truth.

Politeness is a good quality to have in today’s times but if it interferes with truth, then you need to recalibrate and assert yourself, if only for the sake of truth.

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