Self-introspection makes you honest

Post MBA exams you will be tested for WAT or Written Ability Test so it is advisable to read variety of topics. Today you will read WAT topic “Self-introspection makes you honest” 

Concrete rule of life towards personalities is that you prove yourself for honesty or dishonesty through objective assessment of self. Introspection is an ultimate tool for self-judging and focusing on positive and negative aspects that directly relates to personalities. 
You come to know about your personality and rest factors like strengths possessed or certain attitudes that make big difference. As self-introspection focuses on objective personality assessment you become your own critic to know follies in self. 
As you investigate follies in your personality by your own, important facets of your personality are easily revealed without involving others. Your self-introspection clearly indicates personality type so you are aware of everything—good and bad things. You think twice before leaping and practice the introspection prior to taking future step. Such approaches towards life are honest. 
Focus on introspection part of your personality to develop transparency in yourself. It is necessary to bring everything right in order and judging self. You become honest towards everything which associates with your life post doing self-assessments through introspections.
No matter it is the purpose to set goal or take decision about your career or finances and  the matters relating to family, faith or love life you become an honest individual to take the judgments which base on the true observations. They are no way the secondhand outcomes because they are convinced by you rather than others’ involvement. 
With Self-introspection you can definitely lead to taking unquestionable judgments for self and to bring a drastic change in lifestyle. It can also prove you honest or dishonest without involving others because the decision is solely yours. There won’t be any question mark if your dishonesty is proved by your own and such confessions about certain demerits turn your personality more honest.
Introspection for life and its happenings for the good and bad things bring system in order. So you judge yourself without any type of questioning on the personality. Such factors directly link with the personality and therefore force you to comply with the situations and prove honest in each and everything associated with life.