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The mobile phone below the pillow wakes you up in the harshest way, just at the stoke of 8:00 and another day filled with adventure starts. First things first, Check the mailbox for your daily dose of surprises. ‘You have a quiz scheduled at 12:45:00 today’ and you start reading your notes while you get ready for the day. A five-minute breakfast is all you get before you rush to the classroom for the 9:00 am lecture. The lecture begins with a case presentation followed by some intense discussions. Hour and a half rushed by and the urge for coffee arises. This half an hour break goes at the coffee shop with your group, preparing for the quiz.
The second lecture requires extensive concentration maintain your focus on every word said by the professor. In the last part of the lecture, prof. gives an in-class assignment to review the learning from the lecture. Clock ticks 12:30 and you rush to the examination hall. Quiz is structured as an application based MCQ. The trickier part was negative marks for both wrong and un-attempted questions. The stressful quiz ends in half an hour and the mess reverberates with Quiz discussions. Remaining part of the lunch break is spent on pre-lecture readings.

The next two classroom sessions go by talking down notes carefully. The regular lectures end at 5:30 but the day has just begun. You rush down to your hostel room and quickly dress-up in formals for an upcoming leadership talk. Leadership talk links your classroom learning to actual industrial practices. It’s around 8:00 p.m. The talk concludes and the hunger kicks in. As you exit the seminar hall, a free domino’s pizza awaits you. You sit down near the lawn to enjoy the pizza before you embrace yourself for the next challenge. AS you gulp the last slice of pizza, you realize that you have a meeting scheduled to prepare for the group case presentation. The meeting runs up to midnight.

Coming out of the common room you get invited for a badminton game. A good one hour is spent at the court While coming back from the court, you decide to have a Parantha at Bishu Da, the place to get the best delicacies in the campus. You land up in the library thereafter browsing through the research papers for an upcoming assignment until the clock registers 3:00 am.

While returning to the hostel room, you check the schedule for the next day. The first lecture is scheduled at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. You realize you have another hour before you go to bed. You connect your speakers playing soft music in the background and you pick up your author from the shelf. Many others seem to be doing something they love at this time, playing computer games, watching a T.V. show or even sitting on the grass below the hostel for a little gossip.

As you lay on the bed waiting to fall asleep, you recollect the challenges you’ve overcome, the moments of excitement, nervousness and fun that made you day, that makes every day larger than what you had ever imagined while preparing for the B-School entrance and every day of your Life@XL is worth every bit of effort put in while preparing for XAT.

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