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Read Novels & learn usage of language

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Read Novels & learn usage of language

Having realised the important role played by language skills, in particular vocabulary in the VARC section, the aspirants should understand that there is no shortcut to acquiring good language skills as well as building a strong vocabulary. Among the techniques to learn language, reading literature is indispensable. Not only does it introduce you to a plethora of words but also enriches your


1. Novels enriches Mind

Reading novels is an amazing exercise for the human mind. Not only do novels transport you to worlds you have never been to, they enrich your mind with exquisite use of language, use of characters who stay in your mind, and give you points of reference for your life. When you read a novel, you enter into a relationship of trust with the writer, that you will gain something after reading the novel. Reading a novel is also a time consuming job, hence, people who read them on a regular basis, learn to be discipline, tolerant and patient in their lives.


2. Novels build Vocabulary

One offshoot of reading novels is the automatic, almost involuntary enrichment of your vocabulary. Writing, as opposed to speaking, offers a chance to the author to carefully think of words and use precise words to capture his thoughts as he desires. The writer has the advantage of deliberating on words in the deepest recesses of his mind and filtering out the unnecessary ones. This process of refinement brings a richness in the piece of writing. So, as readers, you come across the finest variety of words, all of which get added to your own word bank, turning you into a better user of the language. For instance, reading works of literary greats such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, John Milton, to name a few, is such a rewarding experience for readers. These are writers who have shaped the lexicon of the English language and contribute a lot of words to the language.


3. Novels expands Perspective

Novels present before you a world you have never seen, eras you weren’t witness to and the evolution of society and mankind with time. Such a vast sweep of themes and topics enhance your perspective about the world and your place in it. You begin to appreciate various cultures and languages and become aware.


4. Novels and Writing Style

From the language point of view, novels expose you to different style of writings, knowledge which comes in handy, especially during Reading Comprehension. As different writers have a different style of writing, reading novels extensively, will expose you to a variety of writing styles and tone from didactic to descriptive, persuasive to narrative. Some writers have experimented with language, some have used elaborate words and phrases, while some have depicted elaborate thoughts in a few words. Exposure to such a variety prepares you to handle whatever comes in the RC section. You learn to appreciate the use of words and forge a life-long relationship with them.


Literature is a representation of life in a way, and language is a crucial component of it. You can enrich your language by reading extensively.



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