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It is Not Easy To Say 'NO'

It is Not Easy To Say 'NO'

It is Not Easy To Say 'NO'

Published: Friday, 11 March, 2016 09:52 AM

It is Not Easy To Say “NO”

Essay writing is a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection process. 

This article on "It is Not Easy To Say “NO” will boost your confidence to be successful in Essay Writing Test: 

Argumentative approaches always impact with certain words which emphasize much in different types of conversations. NO is definitely a powerful word that is said and expressed with stresses when it has to explain meaning between the lines. Though this word is said very quickly and easily as well but impact is extremely powerful. That is why saying NO is definitely not so easy thing. 

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The general conversations or communications you do with the strong argumentative approach often has this symbolic negation—NO. It may not be easy to deliver this word though when there is a matter for a courtesy thing and you want to strike the balance but can’t move ahead without saying this word. This would be a catch22situation for you but there is no other option except moving ahead by considering the nature of communication. So, you convey this word and fulfill the purpose. 
At times saying no remains a major prerequisite to make a communication more powerful and to ensure that everything goes as planned and the message is conveyed more powerfully. It is especially while you do it to helping your kids or youngsters develop certain skills and you want them to learn and adopt such things without making any delay. Such initiatives are especially for those situations while you are keen to keep them disciplined. The children would ask for anything and everything they see or come across to but you need to judge what is appropriate and what to avoid by keeping in consideration their needs. Negating on certain things especially when they enforce for that makes you deliver the NO thing with strict and strong tone.
If you don’t take any such step now then it would become a very difficult task for you to control several habits of theirs on the later stages. Are impulsive reactions based on the two major arguments called YES and NO? If you observe them minutely then come on the conclusion that out of the argumentative gestures discussed above, the later one is definitely much powerful. It might cause irritating feel and at the same juncture conveying a negation requires ample courage. That is why saying NO us something you deliver a strong argument by stopping one in the midst of communication and or overpowering other due to your strict and impactful argument. 
NO is not only a mere denial argument but also an overshadowing the other party in an ongoing tête-à-tête or communication which would bring some effective outcome from your side and from that which receives it from you in a debate. This negative little word has much potential. That is why it always helps you learn the countless positives in life for that you must have power to convey NO with right approach. 
Do remember that while you deliver the NO word your gesture must be in such manner that it can strike the balance perfectly and your initiative yields positivity—by saying something in negation. It is true that the communication might go at a path of waning due to too much irritating syndromes that begin while there are too many NO’s in discussions. Ironically, the essence of such discussions loses value if you have too much yeses as well—and literally cripple self-discipline in conversations. It often kills the creativity and argumentative approach. The negation shouldn’t augur frustration hence it is important to balance the discussion and speak out the Yeses and No’s honestly and through applying proper determination. 
It is very important to develop the art of saying NO with right gesture. The demands may not always be genuine hence you should have the power to deliver the NO message for the sake of keeping the right approach move ahead. It is also good to manage the situation through using some of the best creative alternatives while you negate. Saying NO therefore requires preparedness from within so that the exact intension delivers and negation doesn’t bring any negative sense. At times negating sportingly or in the humorous manner too can convey serious naught message. It all depends on gesture and body language to empower a NO into a truly worthy thing—strong communication. 
Don’t lose punch of NO word by conveying it repeatedly. Be firm while you deliver it for the sake of conveying strong message—strictness—while it is solely meant to protect. Often it conveys something else on specific occasions so the message go more powerful hence overpower rest messages. Suppose you are willing to ignore something and disagree then impact of NO definitely becomes unique and the message needs to be conveyed in a perspective best adjusting the situation. 
NO is also great argumentative approach to teach and make others understand why one shouldn’t move ahead in certain things that brings damaging act. In most cases saying NO becomes disgusted expression as other parties would have mixed reactions and you might be misunderstood. It is observed that this simple but powerful word has enough causal relation with human behavior so you may lose its attraction the moment your word delivery is on the wrong time or through a gesture doesn’t construe the message you had desired to convey through it. 
The arguments may be that saying NO is but easy hence there is hardly any jargon in its delivery. But the fact is undeniable that it requires thoughtfulness and the ability to understand the situation keenly while conveying such hitting arguments because it still remains an “irritatingly oppressive thing” though such negation even though purpose is based on optimism and farsightedness. 
So, whenever you deliver a message by saying NO you actually come out of a hallucinating situation for some and fail to convince lots. It therefore requires the perfect mastery to express your negation rightly by giving the positive feel even while saying NO. It is what remains important to make it considerate mode of communication for that the art of delivering a message for the perfect approach is conveyed. 

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