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No one is wise by birth. Wisdom results from one’s own efforts

No one is wise by birth. Wisdom results from one’s own efforts

No one is wise by birth. Wisdom results from one's own efforts

Published : Tuesday, 05 May, 2015 11:33 AM

MBA aspirants will be tested for written communication skills hence, Essay writing is also crucial for MBA admission. Read and develop points from following Essay Topic:

No one is wise by birth. Wisdom results from one’s own efforts

The English thinker, John Locke used the term 'tabula rasa' to describe the mind of an infant. The concept of 'tabula rasa' suggests that at birth, the mind is a blank slate. Corresponding to each level of growth and development, an individual learns new things and gains knowledge. Using the faculties of insight and perception, the individual makes sense of that knowledge and executes that knowledge to make sense of the world around him/her.

Clearly, birth does not guarantee wisdom. It requires conscious effort from the individual. Also, it is fair to say that the more effort an individual makes, the more knowledge/ wisdom he/ she will gain.

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Wisdom can be variously described as knowledge gained by having many experiences in life or knowledge of what is proper or reasonable or the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding and common sense. Whichever way wisdom is interpreted, fundamental to the idea of wisdom is that it takes time and comes with experience and development of the ability to think, analyse, judge and act.

 It is not something that one is born with but acquires over time. A person not willing to seek knowledge, make sense of people, things, events, apply perception, judgment and action can never gain wisdom and be called wise. People renowned for their wisdom such as Plato, Aristotle, Siddhartha and Chanakya and others weren't born wise but gained wisdom over time and with a lot of effort.

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Just as birth cannot guarantee wisdom, it can also not be inherited. After birth, every individual needs to develop those faculties within himself/ herself that enable him/ her to be receptive and perspective to new experiences, learning and hence wisdom. A wise person distinguishes himself/ herself from the crowd by his/ her proper sense of judgment, considered opinion, common sense and insights, all developed as a result of great effort.

However, an individual can, certainly, benefit from the wisdom of ages passed on in the form of legends, stories, books and so on and learn from them. In such a scenario too, the wisdom of ages can only act as a guiding light. It is up to the individual to decode the wisdom to suit his/her position and gain from it.

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Oscar Wilde said, " With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.”  This implies that wisdom is not a necessary by-product of age. One may grow old and yet remain unwise or foolish. This is because wisdom requires effort. Patience, discernment, sound judgment and understanding are some of the essential ingredients of wisdom. Wisdom comes only to those who make a conscientious effort to avoid the path of foolishness and walk the path of enlightenment.

Wisdom is the result of one's experiences and cannot be taught. The transmission of knowledge or learning can in itself not result in a person gaining wisdom. Only if the person takes the pains to make sense of that knowledge or learning or only if that knowledge or learning shapes his understanding of fundamentals and influences his action positively, can he be called a wise person.

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