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Role of Opposition Is Viewed As Negative In Indian Polity

Role of Opposition Is Viewed As Negative In Indian Polity

Role of Opposition Is Viewed As Negative In Indian Polity

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Although Opposition has the key role to play in the democratic setup of governance its responsibility is most often seen in the negative perspective when it comes to define that in the Indian political system. There are so many factors associated with this understanding of the negative role of the Opposition in terms of Indian political system. It is mainly due to the immature approach of the politicians and their least concern about the prime step of serving the nation. Regional approaches often dominate on the national issues are other key elements hence the situation go so ineffective.  
This is an important factor that India still lacks for a politically mature class that could guarantee that both the ruling and opposition parties offer the desired inputs when the issue is to serve the nation with the political vision for its sustainable growth. It is ironical though that although India remains one of the leading democracies in the world with best of sophistication applied for electoral exercise today but its parliament has hardly seen any practical involvement and activeness of the Opposition members especially when it is to join hands for some constructive approach. 
The world media has witnessed many a times that the Opposition in the Indian polity is always in a destructive mode hence the approach is not so appealing and politics has hardly been brought into the rational use for a realistically effective role of those sitting against the ruling members. Circumstances differ in India due to many regional parties often dominating the national ones. 
The localized issues and lack of consistency in the Opposition parties fails to bring an effective outcome of such wonderfully defined political system. The realm of political life in India therefore requires best redefining of its role because Opposition always has equal role to play in democracy like any ruling party do for the decisions taken for the sake of a brighter future of the nation. 
Opposition parties could dissolve the governments on various issues concerned if they fail to address the national interest. They can even make the ruling parties understand whether they deserve to rule the country or not. As they are equally powerful political leaders with their status of being the elected members of the parliament they must lead and reflect the society from where they have been elected. It is their key responsibility to ensure that the political ills are rectified with the additional role of watching the government for the people’s interest. 
The problem with the Indian Opposition politics is that it often becomes the advocates of cheap and no nonsense gimmicks so that they achieve mean benefits. They have literally reduced their own roles in the democratic setup. Their roles are always seen in the negative perspective because they have failed to complete their basic duties as the leaders representing their respective constituencies. How can one think of expecting more from them when they couldn’t realize their existing roles? 
An unfortunate aspect is that although India is world's largest democracy but there is still not the desired transparency in its democratic functioning, say for example the ineffective role of an Opposition party as well as the monopolizing characteristics of ruling parties which often showcase through bossism of them being in the majority—and ruling the country. When such is the scenario then most political decisions would be taken without the thorough observation or assessment which otherwise make it impossible to offer any room to the reforms. 
Democracy always seeks reforms. Being honest individual in politics is questioned in the present political scene of India. No matter one represents the ruling parties or the opposition the questions arises on the credibility aspect. The hoodwinking done on various stages is a common scene in the democratic setup of this country. The strategies an Opposition party often makes for the anti-incumbency of ruling party might enhance their own winning prospect but the country as a whole moves towards the path which is bleak, politically immature and economically unsustainable hence there is nothing to bring progress.  
The Indian Opposition leaders are still not so much outspoken which is the primary need of the political system in which it is assured that unbiased decisions are taken for smooth functioning of government and keeping everything right in order. As such zeal is hardly seen in their role it is still assumed that they are least productive so negated for political aspiration. The political pundits hardly see in the Opposition anything constructive in India. The irony of the fate is that an outspoken ruling party turns a pessimist once fail to remain in the government and told to perform the role of an Opposition leader. 
There is ample scope to realize the role of Opposition in the Indian polity and crosscheck various defects concerned. It would prove helpful to ensure a sustainable democratic government runs the country. The role of the fourth estate—media and judiciary remain pivotal to bring everything right in order so that desired change can be expected and steps are taken to help Indian democracy play its role effectively.   
Most often Opposition parties show lack of interest when they see that their participation might impact negatively on the parties concerned. They won’t be able to take the bold step and look for the overall advantage which the country may get by supporting the ruling parties. The Opposition parties in the Indian democratic setup only presume that they should keep opposing to fulfill their duties keenly. 
Such steps cause lack of integrity hence they raise finger on political farsightedness of Opposition that can minimize democracy. Situation often turns so bad that “no decision is the best decision” scenario arises as ruling parties fail to convince the no-nonsense opposition that they must observe and support or negate anything initiated by them on the basis of reasoning rather than just being in the opposition to oppose as and when such situations are beforehand. 
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