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How Can You Differentiate Yourself Among Group Of People.

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GD Topic

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic : How can you differentiate yourself among group of people?

The dynamics of a Group Discussion are not same as personal interview. In a personal interview, an individual faces the panel all alone, whereas in a group discussion, an aspirant needs to prove that she/ he is the best in the group assigned to her/ him. The challenge that aspirants face in a GD is to make their presence felt in a group of competitors, all fighting for the same seat.  In such a scenario, how can the aspirant distinguish herself/ himself in a group? 

Strong personality

It becomes easy to make your presence felt if you have a strong personality. Some people have an aura around themselves. As they enter a room, everybody else notices them. The aura comes from immense confidence in oneself along with a sense of pride in yourself. These two traits create the foundation of a strong personality. In a GD, self- confidence and self- pride (as opposed to arrogance) create an immediate impression on other group members, who, in fact, may feel intimidated and in awe of you. This works to your advantage as your competitors are already on the back foot. Let your actions speak for you. Let your body language be assertive and convey the message that you are there to win. 

Seize the initiative

One of the surest ways to differentiate yourself among a group of people is to seize the initiative. This could mean that you begin the discussion even as others around you think about the topic. A good beginning will help you create the first impression and give you slightly more time than others to put your point forward and even lead the discussion in a certain way. This is a good way of showing your enthusiasm and leadership skills and also your ability to think swiftly. Seizing the initiative can give you an advantage over others.

Good language skills

The Group Discussion Round is also a platform to assess your language skills. The global world of today is inter- connected and the executives passing out of MBA institutions need to have a good command on the language as well as good presentation skills. GD and PI are two platforms which an institute has to observe the language skills of the aspirants. Therefore, the aspirants must brush up their language skills and speak fluent English. They will be able to articulate their thoughts precisely and succinctly, only if they possess good language skills. 

Speak intelligently

To remain in the minds of the panel, you ought to be speaking intelligently. Since, GD is a timed round and the time is divided among all members of the group, you must say the most important things about the topic within the time available to you. You should know how to filter out the unnecessary bits and focus on the absolutely essential parts. 

Body Language

In a group of 8-10 members, the eyes of the panel will keep observing each member closely. Even when you are not speaking, how you conduct yourself is equally important. There are people who speak with energy but when it’s somebody else’s turn of speaking, they switch off mentally and physically and end up revealing a very bad side to the panel. It is important for you to be good listeners and stay involved in the discussion throughout. Maintain a positive body language, listen intently, don’t fiddle, show positivity on your face as the panel will keep a close eye on you. 

Most of all, just believe in yourself, for only then will can you hold your ground in the face of competition. 

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