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Tips On Showing Your Interpersonal Skills - Latest GD Topic.

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Latest GD Topic on Interpersonal Skills

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic : Tips On Showing Your Interpersonal Skills

Sandwiched between the entrance exam and PI is the Group Discussion (GD) Round, which is a platform for candidates to show their interpersonal skills. It has become increasingly important to possess interpersonal skills, because businesses involve people, they could be clients, workers, suppliers, press and so on. Executives, too, should know how to interact and communicate with people and the Group Discussion Round is primarily for this purpose. 


The first and foremost trait that you should possess is confidence. When you have confidence in yourself and are aware of your own self, you will be a lot more comfortable in dealing with others. There will be very little space for negativity and you will look at GD as a medium to meet new people and interact with them. With this attitude, the anxiety related to GD will disappear. 

Listening skills

GD involves many people being clubbed together to discuss an issue within a specified period of time. The members of a particular group can choose to agree or disagree with the views of any member but to do so, it is important that he listens to what the others are saying. Success in GD depends as much on listening well as speaking well. Since interpersonal skills involve human beings, listening becomes a crucial skill. Only a good listener will speak the right thing at the right time. 

Communicate effectively

Candidates must be able to communicate effectively, even with strangers. GD brings strangers together to check how one speaks in such a group, more importantly, whether the candidate is able to hold forth in an unfamiliar setting and be able to convince strangers about his views. The modern age lays a lot of emphasis on networking and people to people communication. Therefore, if you are able to show in the GD that you are a good communicator, you will put yourself in a strong position.

Conviction and passion

Good interpersonal skills also require conviction and passion in the candidates. Without conviction and passion, the arguments do not appear your own and seem to be forced out of you rather than coming naturally. All good orators speak with passion and a sense of conviction, even if they don’t personally believe in what they are saying. But those are expert speakers who have mastered the art of rhetoric and can convince people, candidates who go for GD are still beginners. So, in order to speak passionately and with conviction, they should speak from the heart, things that they believe in. 

Weight of the argument

In a GD, each member of the group only gets a few minutes to make an impression and get noticed. Candidates who speak just for the heck of it and show little or no engagement with the issue being discussed and candidates who rely more on theatrics to capture the attention of the judges will in all probability be shown the door. To make an impression, you need to have clarity in your thoughts and weight in your arguments. Your main weapon, that is, your arguments, should be so strong and forceful that you don’t have to resort to any theatrics. Just through your views and opinions, you should be able to emerge as the best candidate in the group.  


GD is not only about speaking and putting across your viewpoint, it is also about acknowledging and respecting others’ point of views, which may or may not concur with yours. Respecting different viewpoints and acknowledging other members of the group politely is a sign of good interpersonal skills. 

Candidates should prepare themselves for the Group Discussion Round. Speaking in a crowd and catching everyone’s attention is not an easy task. Hence, candidates need to be mindful of the above points and devise ways to show off their interpersonal skills. There is a lot on the line for the candidates and they can’t afford to slip up. 

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