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Road rage is the evil of modern society.

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Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic : Road rage is the evil of modern society

There is growing anger and frustration in a lot of people. The intensely competitive and ruthless environment around us is creating a situation where people are always under stress. What this has done is that it has put a lot of stressed, frustrated, angry people behind the steering wheels, putting not just their lives but the lives of others too. The rising cases of road rage attest to this.


What is road rage?

Road rage refers to aggressive and dangerous driving behaviours, which may harm the person himself or other motorists. Inherent within road rage is uncontrolled temper, display of anger and frustration and aggressive and violent behaviour. United Kingdom’s Royal auto club describes road rage as a range of anti-social, ill-tempered, foolish or violent behaviours (includes headlight flashing, cutting in, obscene gestures, obstruction, verbal abuse, running over pedestrians, threatening with guns and so on) by a minority of drivers.


Mental instability

The primary reason for increasing instances of road rage is that people are not at peace in their minds. Modern life is hard and fast- paced. People are always on the move to stay ahead in the rat race of today. Human bonds, relationships and values have all broken down and been compromised leading to great instability in the minds of people. A lot of people are not able to keep a check on their emotions and end up harming themselves and people around them.


Growing individualism

Modern society is deeply individualistic. Community has given way to the individual, whose sole focus is on himself. The individual needs, desires, wants, has taken precedence over the society.  A lot of people are under the false illusion of being superior to others and alienate themselves from people around them. The inflated ego that these people have remains with them even when they are driving. They are ready to take offence for anything and everything. For instance, somebody overtaking their vehicle on the road becomes an ego issue for them, a vehicle driving in front of theirs and not giving them free way becomes an ego issue for them, a vehicle honking behind theirs becomes an ego issue for them and so on.


Traffic Congestion

The rising number of vehicles on the roads and the traffic congestion that the drivers have to deal with on an everyday basis also builds up anger and frustration in the drivers. For instance, a person who is late for an important meeting, gets stuck in a traffic snarl, she/ he is likely to be angry and may express her/ his anger in ways that are not healthy.


No control mechanism

There is hardly any mechanism to find out the drivers who are susceptible to road rage. Either at the time of issuing a driving licence or buying a vehicle, there must be a psychological screening that every prospective driver must undergo to ascertain if she/ he is mentally fit to drive a vehicle. In fact, this should be done at periodic intervals so that the competent authority can prepare a database and monitor people who show symptoms of road rage. It can also help the authorities devise a penalty scheme, which ultimately leads to cancellation of the license of the offending party.


Prevent road rage

For all drivers, it is important to stay calm while driving and realise that there are other people on the road too. A good way to stay calm is to put on soothing music in the car that you enjoy and keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. Most of all, understand that nobody is perfect and if some other motorist makes a mistake, forgive him rather than displaying anger.

It is important for drivers on the road to understand that the road belongs to everyone and each life is precious. Their anger, frustration or stress cannot be the reason for harming somebody else. Instead of harming others, it is better to diffuse the situation and maintain your calm while driving.

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