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Social Media Has Exposed Politicians.

GD Topic

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Social Media occupies a large part of our lives. It has, in fact, given rise to a new culture itself. Blurring the lines between personal and public, social media has become an alternate reality, almost there alter ego these days. On one hand, it connects people to each other and reduces distances between them, on the other, it exposes parts of an individual’s life that is best kept away from public glare. 

Social Media-an alternate reality

Social Media has become an alternate reality. People spend a lot of their time on social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The routine of posting bits of their personal life, their photographs and their views on various issues, has almost become a defining part of their lives. Within this alternate reality, people find the freedom to exercise and assert their voice and speak up about issues close to their heart before a global audience. 

More power to public

Social media has created a new line of citizen journalists, by giving power in the hands of the public to make a change around them. Social Media, besides the flimsy functional tool of self- gratification that it is, is also a medium through which the public can expose any wrongdoing that they notice in the society. It is a platform where people can expose cases of corruption by detailing the case with evidence, can identify criminals and prevent crime, can mention any public grievance. 

More importantly, it has become a platform through which they can expose a class of people, who for long have enjoyed absolute freedom in how they function- the political class. For the first time, the political class is realising the power of social media and becoming conscious of how they conduct themselves publicly. For they know that, any wrongdoing on their part will immediately become a point of discussion on social media and sully their public image. And in politics, image and perception are very important aspects that can make or break careers. 

New voice

Unlike earlier times, when governments, public servants, bureaucrats and public welfare institutions were not easily accessible to the common man to the extent of appearing to be intimidating and a hassle to approach, have all become easily accessible and open through social media. This new voice has exposed politicians for corruption, murders and other wrongdoings. 

More accountability

Suddenly, we see that public institutions are becoming aware of their accountability to the public. They are aware about what’s written about them on social media. Today, most ministries have established their presence on social media through Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and so on. 

Some ministries such as the External Affairs Ministry and Railway Ministry are using social media to not only connect to the common man but also take cognizance of individual issues and problems being faced by the common man, relating to their ministry and solving it in real quick time. Just recently, the Railway Ministry has addressed the problem being faced by individuals on the train itself and provided solutions to make their journey smooth. 

Builds Trust

On the flip side, social media has been able to bridge the gap between the political class and the common man. As more and more leaders use social media to directly interact with the citizens of the country, the trust factor has increased. Real time feedback and responses have added an element of dynamism to the way the leaders work. 
Social media has indeed exposed inefficient and corrupt politicians, making them more accountable and holding them responsible for their actions. 

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