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Work from Home is desirable option for employees.

GD Topic for MBA, Group Discussion GD Topic on Work from home

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Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic: Work from Home is desirable option for employees 

As people become more particular about striking a balance between their work and home and to meet the demands of the 24x7 corporate culture, a lot of employers are offering Work-from-home option to their employees, as a way to retain them and provide healthy work conditions, as also to cut costs.


Work-home balance


The reason why work from home is becoming popular with both employees and employers is because it helps create a balance between work and home. The pressures of modern life, and the vigorous demands of the competitive workplace create an imbalance in life and affects the personal lives of employees, due to which the employee is not unable to give her/ his best performance at work. The employers realise this need and are willing to offer work from home option to their employees.


More productivity


Work from home offers the employees a chance to work from the comfort of their homes rather than the professional, sometimes cold world of the office. This has a positive impact on the mind of the employees, and results in better productivity. The employees work in a relaxed manner in a comfortable setting, and deliver at their best.


Cost Saving


From the company’s perspective, if a number of its employees work from home, it results in a direct reduction in the costs of running an office. As employees don’t come to the office, the office ends up saving money on utility expenses such as electricity and water. In some cases, the employers can even save cost of space and settle in for a smaller place rather than a big one to accommodate all the employees at the same time. This, however, is dependent on the nature of work of an organisation and if it allows for such an arrangement. For employees, there is huge savings in fuel and time spent in transportation.




Work from home is fast catching up as both employers and employees find it a convenient mode of working. For the employees, it saves them from the hassle of facing peak hour traffic both in the morning and evening every day. They work from the comfortable environs of their home, in a relaxed manner, ensuring a healthy life. If they manage their time well, they can even bring in flexibility to their work schedules and save themselves from the rigid schedule of office.

For the employers, it proves to be a convenient arrangement too. They have lesser human resource issues to deal with, and can lower their headcount significantly. They don’t have to provide facilities such as meals and refreshments, office space or deal with nagging day-today issues that are part and parcel of office life.




One of the biggest benefits of work from home is that employers are able to retain their employees. It is fast becoming an important thing that employees look out for while deciding on a company. Given that it adds flexibility to the work schedule and breaks the monotony of regular office, employees are more likely to stick with a company that offers work from home than one that does not.  


Less Stress


For the employees, work from home proves to be less stressful, which enhances their performance. The office environment is quite stressful because the employees are always under pressure. What makes it stressful is the presence of your superiors all the time. The feeling of being watched all the time can be quite unsettling and affect performance. Also, when the employee works from home, she/ he does not have to follow any dress code, unless attending a video conferencing session. Home itself, is a place that comforts and relaxes the mind.

The benefits of work from home are hard to control. For organisations, that believe in keeping their workforce happy and in a healthy frame of mind, this is a good option to attract employees.  

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