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Youth Believes in Sprint Rather Marathon.

Latest GD Topics Youth Believes in Sprint Rather Marathon

One trait that distinguishes the present generation from the previous ones is the fast paced life that they live. Gone are the days when ‘slow and steady’ won the race. Today’s generation believes in getting everything ‘now’ and not wasting a single moment of their lives. However, in their mad rush to reach the peak of success, they lose out on living life and compromise on the special moments that make life beautiful.


Time is Money

With changes happening thick and fast, time has become the most valuable resource. Today’s youth does not believe in wasting time. They have a sense of clarity about their aspirations and also the way to fulfil those aspirations. Hence, they are determined and focussed in their approach and know that time wasted is opportunity lost.


Intense Competition

The present time is characterised by intense and ruthless competition in the world. Competition in academics, in sports, in professional space and employment opportunities, has created a situation where youngsters are compelled to work round the clock relentlessly because if they don’t, they will be left behind. Life seems to have become a race, in which youngsters need to sprint in order to win.


Pressures of Life

The pressures of modern lifestyle takes its toll on youngsters. The desire to do well for oneself and one’s family, maintain a decent lifestyle, afford luxuries occupy the minds of youngsters. Today’s youth is also concerned about conserving the environment, as it realises that factors such as global warming are posing a threat to the survival of the planet. In light of such pressing concerns, the youth cannot afford to take it slow.  



The faster the youth runs to achieve everything, the more chances of them doing something reckless, which is likely to do more damage than good. In their desire to live life at a fast pace, they don’t spend too much time waiting to deliberate on things. They prioritize action over thought, even in situations which require strategic planning and deliberation. The recklessness can be avoided if people take it slow, take life as it comes and think everything carefully.


Miss the special moments

The youngsters these days don’t have time to savour their victories or grieve over their losses. There is a sense of detachment and alienation with everything that transpires in their lives. Because they are in a mad rush to get somewhere, to keep running, they forget to live life and miss out on the special moments that life offers. And later in their lives, when they realise that all the mad rush, all the running around was for nothing and that they missed out on the golden age of their lives, they will get filled with remorse and regret.


Losing one’s individuality

The fact that the youth believes in sprinting erodes their individuality and they become a part of the herd. They become just like others who, too, are running a race. For instance, an artist ends up compromising on his art when he tries to ape the others or loses his creative energy to become successful. A person who does not find his own rhythm and pace will always play catch up with others and remain dissatisfied with his own life.


The previous generations had little or no exposure to social media, hence, lived their lives the way they desired, at their own pace. In the present time, however, with internet and social media forming a big part of the lives of the youth, the main concern is not what is happening in their own lives, but others’ lives. And to stay ahead in this comparison, they have to keep running.


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