How to sync Logic and Reasoning

How to sync Logic and Reasoning

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All MBA entrance examinations test the candidates on different skill sets. But the entire paper will constantly test your logic and reasoning abilities. Particularly, the Logical Reasoning section requires you to use both Logic and Reasoning abilities to arrive at the right answer. The question then arises how to sync these two skills.


Logic and Reasoning

Both these terms are somewhat linked to each other. Logic can be defined as a tool to derive reasonable conclusions based strictly on a set of premises or arguments. These premises may or may not make sense in the literal sense of the word, but within the purview of Logical Reasoning, they need to be accepted. Reasoning, on the other hand, is a mental ability that refers to the use of reason to think about something clearly and in a logical manner. For a logical statement to be proved valid or invalid, you need reasoning abilities to arrive at the conclusion. Just as reason is detached from emotions and feelings, logic, too, is free of emotions and deals with information for what it is.


Sync Logic and Reasoning

For MBA entrance exams, the candidates will need to bring together both Logic and Reasoning in order to solve the questions accurately. In most questions, they will have to use correct reasoning to tackle the problem step by step, following the logical path.  For instance, in the question below,

Q. Find the missing number in the series 10, 21, 42, 83, 164, ___, 646

The candidate needs to think logically and use the faculty of reason to interpret this series. A discerning candidate will observe the pattern in the given series, that is, 10x2+1, 20x2+2, 40x2+3 and so on, hence, the answer will be 160x2+5= 325. Only after using both logic and reasoning abilities can you arrive at the answer.


Learn the terminology

Even before you sync logic and reasoning, you have to acquaint yourself with the terms used in the Logical Reasoning sections, for instance, Assumptions, Premise, Argument, Conclusion, Observation and so on. Once you know what is what, it becomes easier to understand the requirements of the question and act accordingly.


Learn to think clearly

To sync Logic and Reasoning, it is important that the candidates learn to think clearly in a logical manner. Every problem requires a particular solution after following certain steps. Only if the candidates think clearly and reason out the steps the problem requires, they will increase their chances of getting to the right answer. The idea is to extract the relevant part of the question and rationalize it, so that you get close to the answer without an iota of doubt.


Be objective

Objectivity is the essence of both Logic and Reasoning, as both skills demand that you disassociate yourself from emotions, feelings and biases, in order to treat the problem for what it is, rather than what you feel about it. Both skills belong to the mind and only pure reason and practical approach will help you crack the question.


Therefore, it is important to develop and sync both Logic and Reasoning abilities, as both work the best when combined together.

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