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Being innocent is no excuse in PI

Being innocent is no excuse in PI
Being innocent is no excuse in PI
An MBA institute provides a platform for you to hone your leadership and communication skills and become a business leader. A business leader is supposed to be smart, quick in his thinking and actions, and knowledgeable.
In fact, innocence will get you nowhere in the business world. Therefore, it is important that you read widely before the interview and behave in a mature manner during the interview. 
You should know what is happening around the world and be aware of the developments in the political and business spheres. A businessman or a business leader will only be able to make the right decision after he reviews the data at hand. 
This is the reason why interviewers often ask students questions on current affairs. You should make it a point to read newspapers and business magazines and watch the news on a daily basis. Understand what is happening in the business space in India and around the world. 
During the interview, you may be asked your opinion on a particular issue. So, talk in a convincing manner by putting your points across in a logical manner. The world is a competitive place and to survive and succeed, one has to be aware of the developments around him.
 After graduating from the MBA institute, you will most likely take up a managerial role. As a manager, you would have to come up with solutions to existing problems. And generally, you would have to read whitepapers and understand what your competitors are doing in that area. Only when you have the complete picture and information will you be able to make a good decision.
Being innocent is no excuse in the personal interview and in life. In fact, interviewers don’t buy the story of one being innocent – on the contrary, if you are not well-read, interviewers will have the perception that you are simply lazy. 
So, don’t let your interviewer think low of you – prepare well for the interview and prove to the interviewer that you are worthy of an MBA degree.