5 Top Qualities, you must showcase during PI

5 Top Qualities, you must showcase during PI

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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of Pi Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : 5 Top Qualities, you must showcase during PI

Personal Interview (PI) is a do-or-die situation for an MBA aspirant. It is the last opportunity for the aspirant to convince the interview panel that he/she deserves admission to the institution. Therefore, how one presents oneself, or 'markets' oneself assumes critical significance.

Market Yourself in PI

Even before you get admission to kick start your management career, you need to demonstrate skills that are considered to be the cornerstone of the business world. In other words, you need to market yourself, to show the interviewer that you are the 'right' candidate and that you deserve to be selected. Given the fact that, in today's word, demand for college seats far exceed the supply (thanks to the ever burgeoning population), there is a need to 'market' your positives and leave a lasting impression.

Use PI to your advantage

Since the PI provides a forum for personal interaction, it should be used to reveal your strengths to the interviewer. As Gautam Buddha said, "the mind is everything", if you can overcome your anxiety, control the demons of your mind and think of the PI as a brief performance, where you have to put your best face forward and put your preparation into action (as simple as that), you will actually begin to enjoy the prospects of sailing through the PI and use it to your advantage. The PI is, fundamentally, about leaving your best impression on the panellists. The impression should be so strong and positive that the panellists are left with no option but to select you. 

Qualities that matter

In a PI, always be at your best. The following five qualities are essential for a good performance in PI : 

1. Self-belief

Candidates need to possess self- belief. If they don’t believe in themselves, there is no reason why the interview panel should believe in them. Self- belief comes from feeling a sense of pride in oneself and being confident about your preparation. A person with self- belief will have no dilemma and will not be intimidated or awed by the occasion. 

2. Positive attitude

Positive attitude is a crucial trait to have in PI. A positive candidate will impress the interviewers with his positivity, his ability to tide over obstacles and motivate the others. Positivity can be displayed in the interview by being receptive and warm with the panel and coming across as an open-minded candidate.

3. Can-do attitude

The world of business is highly competitive. People who are ruthless in their pursuit of excellence and are go-getters have better chance of being at the top rather than people who are not. The panellists, too, value candidates with a can-do attitude. Candidates who can convince the panel that they can turn hurdles into opportunities and that nothing is impossible for them, immediately strike a chord with the panel.

4. Communication skills

The world is coming close together, necessitating more interaction among people. Communication skills have, therefore, become essential to MBA programmes and jobs thereafter. The panel also looks for candidates who possess good communication skills and can articulate their thoughts fluently and precisely. 

5. Problem solving skills

Interviewers, generally, look for candidates who possess problem- solving skills. The job of managers and business executives, essentially, is to find solutions to problems. The candidates must show that they are adept at problem- solving and can keep calm under pressure. 

Advice for students

All MBA aspirants must realise that PI is their last chance to make an impression. They have to be at their best. The qualities stated above are the top qualities, sought after by interviewers and candidates should try to inculcate as many as they can in themselves.

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