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Understanding objectivity in PI is a window of Green Channel

Understanding objectivity in PI

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of Pi Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : Understanding objectivity in PI is a window of Green Channel

It is a common error that candidates are bound to make while preparing for their Personal Interview, that is, thinking of the interview to be based on subjective criteria and assessment. While in a panel of more than one interviewer, the candidate will be assessed by each interviewer based on his/her own experience and knowledge, there would be objective criteria set for the interview, which would ensure uniformity and transparency. This is what the candidate needs to understand.

Importance of Objectivity

The candidate needs to understand the importance of objectivity. The interview cannot be accomplished if there are no pre-defined objectives. This is to say that the interviewers must establish the qualities that they are looking for in the candidate beforehand. In the absence of any clearly defined criteria, it will be difficult to arrive at a consensus, because each interviewer will, then, judge the aspirant on his/her own criteria. Also, objectivity gives a sense of direction and purpose to the interview process. Also, the candidate must maintain a level of objectivity while answering the questions and not slip into personal anecdotes or remarks unless asked so explicitly by the panel.

Objective Qualities

The core qualities that an MBA Institute looks for in an aspirant remain common across institutes. This is because these qualities are absolutely essential to become a good business executive and, therefore, a pre-requisite for admission in MBA institutes. Inculcation of the following qualities by the aspirants will open the windows for them and help them leave a lasting impression on the panel.

i. Winning Attitude-The level of competition and the nature of the job market demands that an MBA aspirant should be a 'go getter' and have an inherent 'can do' attitude, to be able to surge ahead of the rest and thwart competition. In the PI, the candidate’s answers, body language and persona will reveal whether he has this attitude or not.

ii. Quick Thinking- An aspirant, who displays quick thinking abilities, is more likely to be chosen over the one who doesn't. The panel is more likely to choose a candidate with sharp mind over others.

iii. Problem Solving Ability-The business world throws up different challenges every moment. Since the MBA institutes train students to become business leaders of tomorrow, the aspirant, who exhibits problem solving skills in a time bound manner, will be more likely to secure a seat. The panel devises its own ways to test this skill in candidates.

iv. Positive Outlook- The world of business is fraught with risks and unpredictability. Therefore, having the ability to spot the positive side of things is surely an asset. A cheerful and optimistic disposition immediately endears the candidate to the panel.

Advice for aspirants

The candidates must keep in mind that all questions asked in the interview are meant to reveal and highlight different facets of their personalities. These questions are meant to help the interviewers to judge and assess the candidate. For instance, the answer to a question such as, "Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years", is asked to understand the candidate’s vision and his/her estimation of himself/herself and so on. So, candidates must anticipate such objective questions and prepare themselves to answer effectively. The aim of the candidate should be to cut out the risk of subjective assessment that, may or may not go in his favour, but to tick all the objective parameters and not give a chance to the panel to leave out the candidate’s name.

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