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How To Answer “You Don't Look Enthusiastic” During An Interview

You Don't Look Enthusiastic

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : How To Answer “You Dont Look Enthusiastic” During An Interview

Expect tough, difficult questions in the Personal Interview Round. This stage of the admission process is meant not only to know more about you but also determine how you respond to pressure and how you answer uncomfortable questions, without getting unnerved or losing your composure. You have to be at your best, not only in your answers but also in the way you conduct yourself and the vibes you give.  

Maintain your calm

No matter how the interview is going, an aspirant cannot afford to lose loose his calm. He has to maintain his composure at all times. It is a given that there will be moments when the panel will try to put you under pressure by asking questions that make you uncomfortable. There will be moments when you will lose your excitement and would feel like getting up and leaving the room. Your reaction to such situations will decide whether you are chosen or not. The ones who clear the interview round are the ones who absorb the pressure well and respond positively without succumbing to it. 

Smile wherever necessary

It is of paramount importance that you maintain your positivity throughout the interview, not letting your intensity drop for even a moment. Maintaining a smile throughout is a good way of emanating positivity and reflects your confidence. However, do not go overboard doing this and smile only wherever necessary. This shall also show your enthusiasm to the panel and reflect well on your chances. 

Show your enthusiasm

Even though you will be under pressure from the beginning, especially because you will be one step away from your dream institute and the expectations will be high, it is necessary that you don’t be overwhelmed by your emotions and feelings and keep them under check. You have to express your enthusiasm for the course and the institute and convince the panel that you are a deserving candidate. You have to express your eagerness just enough to show the panel what it meant for you and that you have the potential and the ability to do justice to the course and the institute’s name and reputation. 

Face the question

If inspite of all this, you are still asked the question that, ‘Why don’t you look enthusiastic?’ it is best that you face the question instead of running away from it. Some people have the tendency to maintain a neutral expression or not show too much expressions on their face. Some other know hot keep their excitement in check and not be overwhelmed by the occasion. The underlying point is to be who you are rather than someone you are not. If your face or body language lacks excitement according to the panel, cover it up with the quality of your responses and the confidence in your voice. Show that you remain unaffected by extreme emotions and don’t fluctuate. This is, in fact, a good trait to possess. This shows that you have a steady head on your shoulders and are mature enough to handle situations that evoke fluctuating emotions without losing your balance. 

Advice for candidates

Despite the pressure, try to appear enthusiastic. Remember that life will throw more difficult challenges than this, so it’s important that you enjoy the experience and maintain the larger picture in the mind. Avoid being too enthusiastic, for it can ruin your chances. Learn to strike just the right balance. And handle all uncomfortable questions gracefully and with finesse.

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