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How to Control your Nervousness During PI?

How to Control your Nervousness During PI?

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : How to control your nervousness during PI? 

It is natural for aspirants to feel nervous and anxious before and during the personal interview. This is the very last stage in their journey of getting into a business school. Quite obviously, there is bound to be tremendous expectations and hope riding on the aspirants’ minds, which is likely to induce stress and nervousness. But sometimes, too much of this nervousness can have a negative impact on the aspirant and become a burden. Therefore, the aspirants need to control this nervousness and find a way to beat it. 


Preparation plays a big part in reducing the nervousness. The reason why a topper stays relatively calm and positive is because he is confident about his preparation. He knows that he has covered everything. In an interview, which happens to be subjective and spontaneous and is not predictable, the aspirants can still visualise the entire scenario and prepare accordingly. The basic questions common to all interviews could be practiced in advance. Furthermore, the aspirants can envision their manner of speaking, their body language, their gestures, their posture beforehand and iron out the chinks. This gives a signal to the brain that you are prepared to handle the interview and hence, reduces nervousness. 

Self- belief

No matter what you do, self- belief is an integral part of achieving success. History has shown that people have achieved incredible feats only because they believed in themselves. A mountaineer dreams of climbing Mount Everest, but only a few, who believe in themselves, are able to reach the peak successfully. Others just give up. Consider the personal interview as a peak to be climbed and conquered. No matter what people around say to you about your chances, never lose your self- belief. It is this belief that you deserve to be successful, that you have covered all grounds, that you are worthy reduce your stress levels and nervousness and instil positivity into your mind. 

Talk to yourself

One way of controlling the nervousness is to keep talking to yourself. Self-talk can do wonders in boosting your confidence and self- belief and preparing you mentally for the interview. Keep telling yourself that you have it in you to do well in the interview and that you are not scared or nervous. 
This will also distract you from worrying too much about how the interview goes and instead, focus your mind on your strengths.

Be strong

A person who is mentally strong can conquer any obstacle that comes his way. A mentally strong person is more likely to conquer his nervousness. A mentally strong will focus more on his strengths than weaknesses. This will help him remain positive and stay calm. A mentally strong man will also not lose his mind over the threat of competition looming over his head but will focus more on himself and what he needs to do to be successful.


It is a fact that our breathing pace and heart beat increases in situations that make us anxious and nervous. This is just the way our body responds to such situations. As an aspirant deals with a lot of stress and anxiety, especially before the PI (being the final stage of the admission process), it is important for the aspirant to calm herself/ himself.  One way of doing this is to control her/ his breathing pattern. Taking deep breaths helps you reduce the rate of the heart beat and calms you down. You can then focus on the job at hand rather than be nervous. 

Stress and nervousness are natural, especially when the stakes are high. You just have to train yourself to conquer them. 

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