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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

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Irrespective of how your Personal Interview goes, it is important for you to close it well. Do not think that just because your interview is over and you have been asked to leave, that the panel is not watching you. How you conclude the PI is also important and says a lot about your personality.


The last impression


Just as the beginning of the interview gives you the chance to create a good first impression (by walking in smartly, neatly dressed in formal wear, positive body language, and good beginning), the end of the interview is equally important. As you prepare to conclude the interview, you ought to be leaving a good lasting impression on your interviewers. The impression you leave them with will be fresh in their memories, even as you walk out, and could tilt them in your favour.  


Say the most important thing


Just as your interview is about to end, you can seize the moment to reinforce your positivity and tell the panel why you are the most appropriate choice for admission. It helps if you touch upon a few points from your conversation, could be to elaborate, to clarify or to reinstate. This gives you just the right window to sneak in a sentence or two more to make a final impression on the interviewers that stays with them after you have left the room.


Clarify anything


If there is anything to clarify at all, something that you have not understood or something that you want to ask, this is the time when you should ask. If you listen intently and pay attention, there is likely to be something that the interviewers say that is likely to pique your interest, seize this opportunity and ask a follow up question. The interviewers are likely to look at this positively, as a sign of your interest and enthusiasm, and also, love to elaborate on something that they themselves have said. You could even ask questions highlighting your strengths or about post MBA goals. The questions you ask should be original and not from the internet, as that will send a wrong signal to the panel. The questions should also be on areas your interviewers may be adept in.


Be courteous


Whether your interview has gone well or not, it is important for you to be courteous throughout and don’t let your feelings appear on your face or in your actions. A lot of time, if the interview hasn’t gone too good, the aspirant tends to forget courtesy and just walks off in a rude or disappointed manner. This doesn’t reflect well on him and works against him. Instead, the aspirants should remain positive and thank the interviewers for sparing their valuable time in interviewing you. Remember that they don’t need admission in the institute, you do. So being polite and courteous to them works in your favour. It also brings out the kind of upbringing you’ve had and the values you stand for. If it’s a panel of more than one, thanking them and looking at each member of the panel, smiling at them, and shaking their hands, is part of good behaviour and is well appreciated.


Leave well


After you have thanked them and said what you wanted to say, do not rush out in a hurry. Stand up from the chair gracefully, push the chair slightly back, nod a little with a smile, and then confidently walk out. Do not look back at them to check their expressions or what they talk.


Well begun is half the job done, but a good conclusion completes the job.

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