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In PI, You Just Can't Afford To Say ‘I Don't Know’

In PI, You Just Can't Afford To Say ‘I Don't Know

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : In PI, you just can't afford to say ‘I don't know’

Personal Interview is the final stage of the admission process to your preferred institution in your preferred course. How it goes decides how you start your professional career. If it goes well, you make it to your dream institution and reach a good position post your course. If it doesn’t go well, you either try again or not get what you want, and this compromises on the quality of opportunities that come your way later on. Therefore, you have to be at your best in the interview. For this to happen, you have to be able to answer everything that is being asked from you. Evading reply or ignoring the question is a luxury you don’t have.

Prepare well

Given that the stakes are high, you have to prepare yourself well, to be able to hold forth in the interview. The quality of answers will depend on how well you anticipate the questions while preparing for the interview. The basic questions about your hobby, interests, goals and so on are easy to anticipate and can be tackled well. It is the questions that you have not expected or prepared for, questions about specific parts of your life, or arising from the course of the conversation itself can land you in trouble. Such questions can leave your mind blank and you will find it difficult to reply. 

Handle the stress

Personal Interview is going to be stressful, be ready for it. The expectations, the uncertainty can put you under pressure and make you nervous. This may make you jittery, cause you to fumble, or your mind to go blank. You have to prepare yourself for such situations and strengthen your mind, for tuned no circumstances, can you afford to say ‘I don’t know’ to a question asked by the panel. 

Prepare to be uncomfortable

Be prepared to be put in an uncomfortable position. The panel will deliberately do that to see how you respond to pressure. Drawing a blank and refusing to answer will show that you are under pressure.

Bad impression

Not answering questions of the panel will undoubtedly leave a bad impression and hurt your chances. The impression that you will be leaving on the panel is that either you are hiding something or you are too nervous to speak up. In both cases, the panel will form a negative image of yours. They will take you either as a shy, hesitant individual, who is low on confidence. These qualities don’t go well with the requirements of the global world.

Objective is to know you 

The objective of Personal Interview is to know more about you, something that the written entrance exam or the Group Discussion Round does not allow. All the questions that are put to you are done with the objective to get an insight into your personality and your thought process to judge whether you are appropriate for admission to their institute or not. If you refuse to answer for whatever reason or say that you don’t know, you are obstructing this process and making it harder for the panel to choose you. Infact, you are giving them more reasons to eliminate you.

Advice for aspirants

Thus, aspirants don’t really have the option of choosing to not answer a question which makes them uncomfortable. They should be ready to face all kinds of questions and answer without being ruffled. The aspirants need to show their eagerness to the panel. By not answering, they only hurt their chances of clearing the interview. 

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