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Objective Is To Know You More

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Objective Is To Know You More

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of Pi Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : Objective is to know you more

Ever wondered what is the use of conducting Personal Interview (PI) or for that matter, Group Discussion Rounds? Ever wondered why is such a high profile, difficult exam like CAT not the final qualifying exam? This is because the entrance examination only tests limited skills of a candidates, primarily their knowledge, accuracy and speed. Since there are other skills that are equally important, such as communication skills, soft skills and body language that cannot be tested through an entrance examination, most competitive courses usually follow it up with Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds to know more about the candidates.

To know you more

The main aim of conducting PI with the candidates is to know more about them. Interviews offer an opportunity to the institute to gauge the candidates and evaluate him on their own criteria. Institutes are very cautious about maintaining their brand image, hence, very particular about who they admit. PI helps them to filter out candidates they feel may not be compatible with the image of the institute. 

To know you well

Personal Interviews are not only a way to know the candidates more but also well enough to give them admission. PI offers a personal touch to the admission process, something that entrance examinations do not. Only when the candidate is face to face with the interviewers does the real face of the candidate come out. The first impression that the candidate makes on the interviewers stays in their minds and informs their final decision.  

Two-way interaction

The Personal Interview is a two-way interaction. Just as the candidate is being judged and assessed by the interviewers, he, too, is involved in the process of weighing the institute on his own parameters. This is because the candidate has to spend two of the most crucial years of his life in the campus and he needs to be sure about the infrastructure, quality of staff, facilities, safety and so on before making a final decision. This is only possible in PI.

Interviewers look for :

1. Confidence - Personal Interviews are the best way to judge whether a candidate is confident or not. All questions, especially the twisted and slightly difficult ones, which are directed towards the candidate, test his confidence levels. A confident candidate will score well on this parameter and handle the questions well.

2. Communication skills - A candidate’s command over the language, the way he articulates his thoughts, whether he is fluent in his speech or not, can be assessed only through personal interview. In today’s world, with high emphasis on marketing and networking, communication is one area which has assumed high significance. 

3. Body Language - Body language can make or break a candidate’s chance in the interview. From the way the candidate walks into the interview room to the candidate’s first handshake with the panel, from the way he sits to his gestures while speaking, every minute movement is under observation. A candidate needs to be in full control of his body and not avoid making any unnecessary gestures or movements that may reveal his nervousness, anxiety or even over- confidence. 

Advice for aspirants

Instead of being intimidated by the interview, the candidates should think of it as an opportunity to market themselves. Given that the purpose of a personal interview is to know more about the candidate, the candidate must be forthcoming and not hold himself back. He should prove to the interviewers that he is worthy of admission in their institute and would add great value to the institute itself. If the candidate is able to achieve this, the interviewers will find it difficult to reject him. 

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