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PI Preparation Tips: Your body language is 1st communication in PI

PI Preparation Tips: Your body language is 1st communication in PI

Personal Interview is all about the perfect balance of verbal and non-verbal communication. Oral or verbal communication in plain language means your speech or the talking that you do to communicate with others. Non – verbal communication is the means to communicate by using hand gestures, touch and facial expressions.


While you can prepare a pre-mediated speech and essential points you want to convey for that crucial PI you sit for during the MBA admission process, it is imperative to practice “HOW” to say them. This “HOW” constitutes of your non – verbal communication and is nothing but your BODY LANGUAGE – the language your body speaks.


PI is the deal-breaker round in your MBA selection process. Effective interaction with the panelists can make or break your MBA career. And the way you present yourself in those 15 to 30 minutes is vital.


Here are some golden rules to follow while working on your body language for the PI round:


  • Physical Appearance

Dress Well – It is crucial you dress in neat and ironed clothes

Dress Formally – You must wear formal clothes and shoes. A light-colored shirt with contrasting trousers or skirt (for women)


  • Walk

When you enter the PI room and walk up to your seat, you must walk smartly and confidently, i.e. neither hurriedly nor sluggishly


  • Smile

It is essential to keep a subtle smile on your smile when you are talking or listening to your panelists. Frowning and laughing is a strict NO


  • Hands

While it is good to use hand gestures when you are explaining yourself, too much should be avoided. It can look commanding


  • Fingers 

Do not fidget with your fingers or any ornaments in it like rings etc. while you are talking to your panelists


  • Arms

Never sit with your arms crossed in front of the interview panel. It can show resistance to what they are saying. Keep your arms resting on your lap


  • Eyes

Always maintain eye contact when a particular panelist is asking you a question or when you are replying to them


  • Head

Nodding the head is ok, but you should avoid the ‘Indian Nod.’ The Indian nod is wobbling of head expressing yes, no, fine, not fine, I understood, etc. which is ambiguous


  • Facial Expression

Keep a subtle and calm expression on your face. Do not look dis-interested when a panelist is talking to you.

Thus, when you walk-in to that room to sit for the most critical 20 minutes of your life make sure your first step of communication, i.e. your BODY LANGUAGE is bang – on. The WAT, GD, and PI rounds for most colleges for the 2019-21 academic session are going on. All the Best!


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