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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips :Tips on Dress Code for PI 

Having prepared well for the interview and covered all areas, there is still an area left to be taken care of. This area is often neglected by aspirants because their entire focus is on preparing their replies and brushing up their knowledge to face the panel. It is already an intimidating thought for the aspirants. In their anxiety, they forget about presenting themselves well before the panel, which creates a bad impression even before they have spoken a word.


Dress professionally


Irrespective of the gender of the aspirant, it is necessary that they dress up professionally for the interview. For a lot of aspirants, this, perhaps, will be their first interview, while some others will be freshers, straight out of college. With no prior experience of attending a professional interview, they are likely to make a slip as far as dressing up is concerned. It is important that they choose their dress keeping in mind the professional world of business that they aspire to be a part of.


Wear formals


The aspirants should opt for formal wear and shun casuals for the interview. The panel observes each aspirant closely and make their judgements, and as the saying goes, ‘first impression is the last impression.’ So, how you dress is as important as what you speak.

For men, formals would comprise a formal shirts and trousers and a matching tie to go with it. Depending on the weather conditions in the city in which the interview is taking place, men can opt for a formal suit jacket in case the weather permits. For women, formals could range from a sari, salwar kameez to formal shirt with formal trousers or a smart formal skirt. Clearly, women aspirants have a more options to choose from. Their choice could depend on their personal taste and comfort. A nice belt which matches the colour of the footwear, is a good ad-on. For both men and women aspirants, formal shoes is must have in their wardrobe when they go for the interview. A good, formal watch can complete their professional look.


Nothing flashy


The aspirants must note that there is no scope for wearing anything flashy. The colour of the clothes shouldn’t be too loud but sombre, it is safe to wear plain white cotton shirt. Wear minimum or no accessories. The idea is not to wear anything that may distract the panel from what you speak. Any flashy and casual thing that you wear, will certainly be noted by the panel and will go against you.


Be comfortable


One of the primary rules of dressing for any event or occasion is to be comfortable in what you wear. This rule holds true for dressing up for an interview as well. Wear clothes that fit your body, neither too loose nor too tight. Even your footwear should be comfortable and shouldn’t distract you from your interview. If your clothes distract you from the interview or if you constantly think about the clothes you are wearing, then you won’t be able to perform well in the interview. Your focus will not be on the interview completely.


Advice for aspirants


What you wear and how you look creates an impression in the minds of the interviewers. It reflects your seriousness towards the interview. Being neatly dressed up in professional attire enhances your image before the panel and plays a supporting role to your performance in the interview itself. So, do focus on this aspect as well, and choose formal wear that you are comfortable in.

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