Without content, you will perish in PI

Without content, you will perish in PI

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After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of PI Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips :  Without content, you will perish in PI

The Personal Interview is your last chance to impress the panellists about your credentials. It is a do or die situation for the candidates, as they battle nerves and burden of expectations, to handle the questions tactfully. Given the personal nature of the interview and the fact that the entire focus is on the candidate, there is no way that the candidates can get away with beating around the bush and not answering the questions.


Show who you are

The interview provides a good opportunity to the candidates to highlight their strengths and positives in front of the panellists. It is one final chance to convince the panellists that you deserve to be selected and that you have all the qualities that they are looking for. But, this will only happen when you speak up and speak up well. Just blabbering will get you nowhere, in fact will work against you. Instead, show your intelligence and knowledge in your replies to questions being put to you and create a situation for the panellists where they find it hard to ignore your claim.


Be your best

The candidates need to put their best foot forward. They need to realise that only the interview stands between them and their dream college. There is no scope for complacency. From their body language, gestures, soft skills, to what they speak in the interview, everything will be closely observed by the panellists, who will then form their judgements on you and decide your fate. Therefore, the candidates need to cover up all possible areas and put forward their confident selves.


Importance of substance

You may be the best dressed candidate, you may project your personality better than the rest, you may show a good body language, but if you are not talking sense, then you have no chance of making it. Body language, personality and soft skills are the paraphernalia that help create an impression, but the main essential thing is your content. Content is nothing but what you speak in your personal interview, what ideas do you put forth in reply to the questions asked by the panellists, whether your answers show the real you, whether your answers are relevant or not. For instance, after the usual introduction, an expected question could be ‘Why do you want to do an MBA?’ Your answer to this question would include your perspective on the course and why you think is essential to enable meaningful contribution to the society.


Content a window to your personality

Content occupies an important role in the interview because the panellists form opinions about you based on what you say. For them to take you seriously, you need to be passionate about what you are saying, and be confident about your knowledge. Only good content can take you forward. Weak content will prove to be costly for you. The panellists, all experienced hands, know how to filter differentiate between candidates who are genuinely knowledgeable and smart and candidates who merely faff around.


Clearly, content is the only defining aspect in the interview that will make or break your dream. Without good content, you will perish in the Personal Interview Round.


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