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DILR section will be embedded with analytics

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DILR section will be embedded with analytics

The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section poses a tough challenge to candidates, primarily due to the emphasis on analytics based questions that rely on graphs, numbers, data and calculations. These are time consuming and riddled with uncertainty. Unlike question that test quantitative Aptitude, which can be solved using set formulae and rules, there is no set pattern, theory, property or formula to solve questions in the DILR section.

Understanding Analytics

Analytics is the process of deriving meaningful information after assessing and analysing the given data and statistics systematically. There is no set pattern about this process, as the questions appear to be random and complex, sometimes requiring lengthy calculations.

Types of Questions

Although one cannot be sure about what to expect in the exam in this section, it is possible to prepare for all eventualities. Some of the popular and important model of questions that may come in the exam are:

Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning

Bars, Graphs, Tables, Pie Charts

Venn Diagrams

Spider Model

Seating Arrangement

3 D Chart




Network of Pipelines

Binary Logic

Solving Analytics Based Questions

The DILR section will be embedded with analytics. The candidates must think of ways to solve such problems. The following steps can come in handy while attempting DILR.

  • Go through the data thoroughly

    The first step towards making sense of all the information given in the question is to read it very thoroughly. Only then will the candidates understand what the data is about, what is the requirement of the question, what are the various elements of the given data and so on. Given the uncertainty and complexity of questions under this section, candidates must understand the demands of the question and process all the information before solving.

  • Look for a pattern

    Analytics based questions will have some kind of a pattern running through them. The candidates must try to identify such patterns. The sooner you identify the patterns, the better it is for you, as doing this helps you save time. Since, there is no set formula for attempting these questions, developing an eye for decoding the patterns can be of great help.

  • Lengthy calculations

    It is a given that the DILR section will involve lengthy calculations. Often, the complexity of the question will reside in the kind of calculations candidates need to do to arrive at the answers. This is an integral part of analytics based questions. They require the aspirants to be good with calculations.

Sufficient Practice

Given the uncertainty and unpredictability of analytics based questions, candidates can only put their trust in practice. They can start by practising questions that have actually appeared in previous years to familiarise themselves with the possible variations in questions. They can also practise specific questions on specific problems, for example, while practising questions on Seating Arrangement, the candidates can look into all possible types of these questions such as, when all are looking in one direction, some are towards North and some are looking towards South and so on.

Questions in the DILR section will include analytics as a strong base. All aspirants should prepare accordingly.

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