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I am an engineer, I can easily clear CAT

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CAT 2023

Indeed it is a tradition among CAT Aspirants to create a perception that any engineer would easily be cracking CAT as compared to non-engineers. Somehow or the other historically the tradition continued for many years and now it has become sort of reality that almost all CAT Aspirants believe that if you are engineer, the chances are very high that you would be clearing CAT in your first attempt.

How’s that?

A bit of reality is definitely there that as engineer you are taught and skilled in quantitative techniques day in and day out in your engineering lectures. Hence the quantitative aptitude test which is perceived as most dreadful in CAT becomes a bit easy for engineers and they always bubble with confidence to clear 34 questions of quantitative ability in CAT with great accuracy and give correct answers. That is really a great scoring and this is where engineers who have a natural instinct and a great aptitude have an edge over others.

Non engineers too have edge over other sections of verbal ability and reading comprehension known as VARC and over here the perception is again working but this time skewed towards non engineers and almost all CAT Aspirants believe that language skills are more handy with those who are from the streams of Humanities and Commerce, economics etc. whereas engineers keep busy in their quantitative work on machines and because of their robotic habits they are less interactive so they might be poor in language skills usage.

Because of the perceptive reasons CAT Aspirants keep on guessing that engineers can crack QA section easily and others can crack VARC Section much more easily but reasoning section is almost common for both and they feel equally confident to ace DILR section.

Historically true over a period of time CAT has been designed in such a way that the perception continued to grow that questions and the pattern of CAT is meant for engineers and it was for the last couple of years only IIMs thought that to break this perception and changes have been done a bit that is the reason VARC has been given separate entity as a section and CAT Aspirants not only have to excel in totality but each section percentile has to be on top.

Whatever may be the perception it is advisable not to create a mindset for this perception and CAT gives equal opportunity to one and all from all streams to come prepared and apply your confidence and answer questions in CAT with a great speed in a stipulated time but with a great accuracy. Otherwise with negative marking percentile may really tumble.

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