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CAT Remains Stunning

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CAT Remains Stunning

Most of CAT Aspirants when they think of CAT, to somebody CAT looks like a monster, to some other it feels the toughest exam and few feel that CAT is a usual examination but on the whole CAT as an exam stuns everybody and none of the aspirants can take CAT that easily.

Why does this happen?

If you go in the little bit of background we would find that historically CAT is taken by approximately one lakh eighty thousand aspirants every year. Number is positively small as compared to students who take up different stream of examinations like medial, engineering or civil services but even then CAT continues to astonish its aspirants because there is an uncertainty in CAT Exam.

In absence of any prescribed syllabus which other exams of other streams usually have a prescribed syllabus. CAT becomes unpredictable hence, CAT remains stunning.

CAT is an exam to test only 2 skills: one is quantitative skills and the second is language skills. Within these 2 spheres, the questions in CAT are designed in such a way that you are tested for these 2 skills.

Quantitative skills which comprise of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, mensuration, pie charts, bar graphs and common questions of arithmetic in areas of percentage, profit and loss, time and distance will test you thoroughly to test your quantitative aptitude and the questions are in the simplest forms with a twist always to puzzle you and test you out while stressing you in a limited time with more questions.

The moment language skills are testing in CAT, you are being given 10 paras consisting of 500 to 600 words in form of reading comprehension. These RCs consist of sentences wherein vocabulary becomes highly crucial because with non-understanding of a single word in RC you lose direction and commit blunders while answering them.

Logical reasoning is also one of the crucial areas wherein jumbled words and illogical pairs of sentences can really puzzle you out to commit errors and go directionless. For the reasoning in CAT, you got to use plenty of common sense to click write answers.

Both Quantitative aptitude and language skills together form an aura for CAT which makes it highly stunning and top of all negative marking in CAT takes almost a toll on CAT Aspirants and with wrong answers or judged answers you really stumble in percentile and within this context CAT will continue to be stunning in coming years also.

The moot point is how to take on the stunning factor of CAT and catch it with bull horns. Group studying can be a panacea to handle CAT in a most versatile manner because group study will not only inculcate competitiveness but a debate in the group will settle solutions for different dimensions. After all, you are tested for your aptitude for a skill but not only for only skill. That is the reason most of the questions in CAT are always twisted to test your common sense, focus and your readiness to continue with a positive frame of mind even if you don’t know the answers.

Practice, Practice and Practice is the only need of the hour to ace CAT 2018.

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