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Why You Get Wrong Answers In RC ?

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Why you get wrong answers in reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is a test for your language skills and with the unseen para in RC you need to go through approximately 600 words that too without any headings or sub headings with a mention of bombastic words in RC can really confuse even the best of communicator in this para in RC.

This deadlock of RC has to be broken via enriching vocabulary. Reading comprehension is such a skill that you require not only in companies where you communicate both with internal and external customers but even in the medical profession and legal profession language skills have impactful meanings. Even the language skills you would observe in the classroom in MBA Institute when professors will be discussing with you on case studies. Mind it, it is only communication which can bring you both friends and foes.

Reading comprehension section in VARC will bound to have minimum 20 questions and can play havoc on the mind during CAT examination. And the moment you get frightened while reading the jumbled para your answers get hey wired. The words like approximately, intended, to be, not to be, perhaps are the words which are generally juxtaposed to 2 sentences either to get the context of the para or to put you out of para and this is the pivotal of exam to check your language skills in reading comprehension. This is also an area where you can commit blunders, that’s the reason usage of grammar and understanding of grammar can really take you near to the answer.

Reading comprehension is one of the sole section which can be a game changer for non-engineers and the other way round it can be tough nut to crack for engineers because as a matter of fact the perception is that engineers are not good in language skills because of their robotic habits on machines and their continuously doing office work based on numbers and analytics with the help of softwares. On the other hand impression is strong that non engineers are generally good to excellent in language skills. Hence they score well. But the reality is on contrary to the perception that all the CAT aspirants who are coming from different streams have understood the crucial impact of RC and they practise a lot and score a lot.

After having understood the reason for not scoring so high in RC or getting maximum negative marking in RC, it is important for CAT Aspirants to practise a lot for RC, based on SWOT Analysis i.e. your strengths, your weakness, therefore your threats but with lot of opportunities. It is quite possible that you may be best in your vocabulary but while communicating you are not using the simple words hence in all likelihood the recipient of your communication may not understand your communication. This is where the exam of RC is not only relevant but a game changer.

To ace reading comprehension it is so important for you to gain confidence and remain calm on examination day and without getting perturbed with one or two words in RC continue to read as fast as you can and comprehend the usages of those words to match with the right option as the correct answers.

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