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You Got To Have Strong Aptitude To Crack CAT

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You got to have strong aptitude to crack CAT

CAT is essentially an internal battle of nerves. The people who are able to keep their nerves in control are able to extract their innate ability to crack the exam. The people who crack CAT have one thing in common- strong aptitude. They combine their natural ability with a lot of hard work and preparation. The CAT tests your aptitude in various subjects such as Quant, LR, and VA. The idea is to check whether you possess critical, analytical, logical and verbal skills, which are considered essential for all business executives.

1. Reach a higher level

A strong aptitude means that you have reached a certain level of competence to do a certain kind of work. It is a testimony to your work ethics and commitment and an indication that you have it in you to be successful in this domain. All aspirants should aspire to reach a higher level of competence with every stage of their preparation. For aspirants who don’t have an aptitude for the subjects should look to build it over time to reach a level which helps them to score well.

2. Strong Aptitude a confidence booster

A strong aptitude gives you the confidence of doing well in the final exam. When you know that you are good in a particular subject or section, you tend to take confidence from that into other sections too, and also feel good that you have things under your control.

3. Build willingness

If you don’t have a natural liking for a subject or topic and you know you can’t just skip it, the next best option is to build willingness towards that subject or topic. Given the fact that CAT is such a crucial milestone in the lives of people giving it, a strong aptitude would translate into a keen willingness towards the exam. Instead of being scared of the exam, the aspirants would channelize their energies in the right direction. If you train your mind to do something with all the will power at your command, gradually you will notice a change in your perspective towards that thing and start taking interest. For instance, you can make yourself learn to play a musical instrument at any age of your life with will power and commitment, you may not become an expert but will start building an aptitude for it.

4. Be thorough with concepts

An important aspect of aptitude is conceptual clarity. A strong aptitude in CAT, would include reaching a thorough level of conceptual understanding, in other terms, the fundamentals of a person with strong aptitude for CAT will be strong and sound, on which he will be able to build on. For an exam such as CAT, you need to be thorough with your basics. All questions in the exam are based on concepts, hence, aspirants should work towards understanding the fundamentals first.

5. Practice

Strong Aptitude will amount to nothing if it is not supplemented by consistent practice. A person may know that he is good at something, but if he doesn’t continue to work hard in it, there are chances he will falter even in his strong areas.

There are no shortcuts to building a strong aptitude. The natural ability needs to be backed up by practice, hard work and dedication.

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