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Computing habits have spoiled language skills.

Computing habits have spoiled language skills

With the advent of computers, a new alternative language has emerged which has become essential in the modern age. This is because computers have become an indispensable part of our lives and a major part of our day is spent in front of the computer screen. The impact of this can be felt most noticeably on our language skills.

Loss of thinking abilities

The increasing dependence on computers is affecting our ability to think. Before computers, we relied on our brains to accomplish tasks, and find solutions to problems. But, today, all kinds of information is just a click away. This has resulted in loss of thinking abilities, as people don’t have the time to think when everything is available to them readily. Since, language skills, too, require application of the mind, the dependency on computer is affecting these skills as well.

Not able to think deeply

Another cause of concern associated with the computing habits of people is that they are losing the ability to think deeply and are easily distracted. Working on the computer also means shuffling between websites, people do not have the time to engage with a particular topic in depth. They are happy skimming through the surface rather than deep thinking. Constantly looking at the screen also kills imaginative skills and effects the memory, which is not good for the language skills of the people, in particular, his expressions and articulations.

No Novelty

As internet is a one-stop destination for all our needs and everyone relies on the internet heavily, there is a sense of sameness creeping into our knowledge acquisition, as the source is the same. Our expression, thoughts, spoken language skills are shaped by our computing habits, leaving little space for novelty and newness.

Social media

The terms of networking in today’s times are very different than what they were earlier. Today, social media has become a significant networking tool. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Amazon and other internet based platforms are a direct result of the changing computing habits of people. These social media platforms have shaped how people use language today. The sanctity of the standard form of a language has been compromised and variations, including slang, have started entering, even formal discourses. For instance, words such as ‘selfie’, ‘unfriend’ and ‘photobomb’ are some examples of words which are being accepted and used by people today.

Another consequence of using social media which is spoiling the language skills, is the use of abbreviated words while talking to someone online. ‘You’ has been replaced by ‘U’, ‘and’ by ‘&’, ‘text message’ by texting and so on. The growing use of such abbreviated forms of words only hinder the language skills of a person. Subconsciously, the person might begin to use inappropriate words even in formal conversations.

Handwriting spoiled

The world of computers require efficient typing skills. Excessive computing has taken away people from the world of writing things in their own handwriting. Writing is itself very important to the development of language skills. Only when you write something yourself are you able to associate and remember it for a long time. But when all you are doing is typing all the time, your handwriting is bound to take a hit.

No interaction leads to poor language skills

Because people are spending a lot of their time on the computer, they don’t find time to do things that help in developing language skills. People don’t have the time to read books for leisure, they don’t find time to meet others and often remain alone with very little meaningful interaction with the outside world, they don’t develop their imagination skills, they don’t work on improving their vocabulary and so on. All this happens because of extended hours before the computer screen.

The computing habits of people today are spoiling their language skills. They are learning new things with the ever changing technology and, with this, unlearning all that they know, including their language skills.

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