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Old Books Have Become Irrelevant In IOT Present.

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IOT Present

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic :  Old Books have become irrelevant in IOT present

In the age of the virtual world of computers, the real, physical things are being replaced or forgotten completely. The advancement of computers and technology has gradually opened up all domains of human life to be connected with the internet. A virtual network rules our daily routines today. Yet, the joy of doing things yourself, using your own faculties is incomparable. 

Intrusion of technology in everyday life

It is a fact that technology has become an integral component of our lives. From the simple act of waking up in the morning with the help of an alarm clock to shopping for groceries online using the computer or using unmanned drones as potent weapons of surveillance and attack, technology is guiding each and every aspect of human life, to the extent that it has become intrusive. The charm of reading books, for instance, has been replaced by the mechanical click of an artificial device like Kindle. 

Internet of Things

The internet has become one massive medium for information gathering and dissemination. And the opportunities the internet throws up, in terms of networking, connecting things to each other, identifying things and so is infinite. This is best captured by the system ‘Internet of Things’ or IOT, which is the “network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.” As Jacob Morgan, writing for Forbes explains, IOT is about basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. This includes everything from cellphones, washing machines, headphones, lamps and so on. The IOT also shapes relationships, between people to people, people to things, things to things.

 IOT-good or bad?

The IOT is meant to seamlessly connect things with each other to make life convenient and effortless. For instance, the air conditioner automatically adjusting its temperature according to the external temperature, cars seamlessly advising on the shortest routes to take or routes to avoid due to heavy traffic, possibilities like these using IOT are infinite and make life easy. On the other hand, the fact that lives would become more mechanical and rely on IOT which is a virtual network, humans might slowly lose touch with manual things that have their own charm and effectiveness, such as books. 

Place of books in IOT world

The present generation relies more on technology and internet to acquire knowledge. The invention of gadgets such as Kindle itself has posed a threat to the existence of books. And with IOT set to become an integral part of our lives, there is a danger that books may become completely irrelevant. When everything is connected to each other via the internet, people are more likely to not take the trouble of scouting for a book, buying it, reading it and so on, when they have everything they need through the IOT.  

Books are sacred

The IOT might not leave any part of our lives unaffected, yet when it comes to books, it would seem to exert little influence only. This is because books are sacred repository of knowledge and information passed on from one generation to the other. Even in the age of Kindle, books continue to be relevant. Partly because reading from a book gives joy to the reader which cannot be replaced by technology, and also because books will always be more effective than the world IOT is creating for us. People will continue to refer to books for information and knowledge. 

With the costs of broadband internet coming down rapidly, wide availability of WiFi and smartphones, the possibilities with IOT are set to soar. But, books shall never go out of fashion and become irrelevant. The world has witnessed changes earlier, shall witness changes in the future too, but books have survived and shall survive. 

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