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Short cuts can be useful in life but unsustainable

Short cuts can be useful in life but unsustainable

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion on GD Burning topic:  Short cuts can be useful in life but unsustainable

Time-30 minutes

There are always two ways to reach a goal. One is the long path to success, an arduous, time consuming path sprinkled with difficulties. The other is a short cut to success, a tempting option as it is a less arduous, time reducing path. Each one of us at some stage is required to make a choice- whether to take the long path to success or the short cut, and the choice that a person makes defines his/ her personality.

A. I believe that the nature of the work decides whether the long path needs to be taken or the short one. If the work demands that a shorter way to fulfil a task will be beneficial, then, there is no harm in opting for a short cut. For instance, in the technological world, where technological innovations happen by the second, the time spent on delivering an innovative product is crucial to offset the competitor and gain a hold on the market. In such cases, those adopting short cuts in their processes will be at an advantageous position than those taking the traditional, long path.
B. We live in a world where time comes at a premium. Therefore, a path devoid of all excesses and frills, that it to say, a shorter path, needs to be found and persisted with. There is a need to economize time and find quicker ways of doing things.

C. Short cuts are tempting and easy to follow. The promise of reaching the target quickly, that short cuts offer, cannot be ignored even by the most conventional of people, who prefer the long path. If I am able to reach my target in three steps by taking a short cut, I wouldn't want to spend ten steps on a long path to reach the same target.

D. However, short cuts are often associated with carelessness and looked at with some cynicism. It is generally opined that the longer the path taken, the more delicious the fruits of success. And the maxim, "there's no short cuts in life" adds credence to this view.

E. People look at short cuts with disdain, as they are closed to the idea of there being multiple ways of doing a particular thing. Also short cuts seem to include risk and danger, which might actually harm in the long run. 

F. True. Because the focus is on finding a quick and easiest way of doing a thing, other considerations such as quality might be ignored. This often makes short cuts unsustainable and a short cut taken many cause more harm than good.


Pros - Undoubtedly, short cuts are useful. In trying to find a short cut, one is actually trying to save time and removing the unnecessary and wasteful things to achieve the goal.

Cons - Short cuts can be unsustainable as it may compromise on quality and ignore the larger picture. The detail view of things and consideration of all aspects that is an inherent part of the long path will be sidelined.

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