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MBA placements for 2019 have either been completed or are in the final stages at almost all the top-rated business schools of India. Institutes like SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Mumbai, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi have emerged as front-runners in terms of placements through their flagship courses. Please note that the top 3 IIMs, namely IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta don’t share the details of their MBA placements prior to the IPRS audit that normally happens in August and September each year. Regardless, the process of MBA placements in all these top-level IIMs gets concluded by March end. If we go by the trends, majority of the PGDM and MBA colleges have bettered their earlier records.

It’s also very important for all the MBA aspirants to take the MBA placements into consideration before getting admitted into any specific Institute, as the placements are as critical as the other significant aspects like ranking, academic, location, fees etc. It is the quality of MBA placements that will determine your return on investment when you come out of an MBA institute.

If we refer to the MBA placements data for the year 2019, a rising salary trend can be observed overall, regardless of the economic slowdown. Apart from that, the 2018-20 batches are also through with their summer placements, bagging higher stipends than before.

Of the 20 reputed Indian Institutes of Management, the top 3 concluded their final placements for 2019 in February this year. While the top 3, as informed earlier, will make their statistics available after the IPRS audit, IIM Lucknow is known to never publish its placement data.

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MBA placements - The trend over the years

If we go by the MBA placement trends over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the average salaries, the number of offer letters as well as international packages. Unlike last year when the MBAs were not so much in demand and things were looking dark in the wake of global economic slowdown, the matters have improved considerably this year. In addition, many business schools including the IIMs have revealed a significant gap between the average salaries and the highest salary, thereby creating doubts in the minds of students whether the average salaries are actually the correct reflection of the placement trends in business schools.

In 2018, MBA placements were concluded within 3 to 4 days in majority of the business schools as there were a large number of recruiters from various sectors and high salary offers were made to many passing out students. Recruiters from popular sectors like Insurance, Finance, Banking, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Operations etc. recorded significant growth in MBA placements last year as well as this time around.

Below are provided is a table that details this trend, proving how the offered average salaries have been increasing consistently over the years:

MBA Institute

Average Salary offered in 2019

Average Salary offered in 2018

Average Salary offered in 2017

IIM Ahmedabad


₹ 24.45 lakh

₹ 22.58 lakh

IIM Calcutta

₹ 25.36 lakh

₹ 24.20 lakh

₹ 20 lakh

IIM Bangalore



₹ 21.42 lakh

IIM Kozhikode

₹ 20 lakh

₹ 17.8 lakh

₹ 17.14 lakh

FMS Delhi


₹ 21.10 lakh

₹ 20.60 lakh

XLRI Jamshedpur

₹ 22.35 lakh

₹ 20.1 lakh

₹ 19.21 lakh

IIM Indore


₹ 18.17 lakh

₹ 16.23 lakh

MDI Gurgaon

₹ 20.13 lakh

₹ 19.17 lakh

₹ 18.89 lakh


₹ 20.07 lakh

₹ 19.23 lakh

₹ 18.42 lakh


₹ 22.90 lakh

₹ 22.24 lakh

₹ 20.90 lakh

IMT Ghaziabad

₹ 12.50 lakh

₹ 11.60 lakh

₹ 11.26 lakh


₹ 17.48 lakh

₹ 16.24 lakh

₹ 15.02 lakh

IMI New Delhi

₹ 13.01 lakh

₹ 12.23 lakh

₹ 12.54 lakh

IIM Tiruchirapalli


₹ 14.28 lakh

₹ 33 lakh

TAPMI Manipal

₹ 11.06 lakh

₹ 11 lakh

₹ 10.05 lakh

JBIMS Mumbai


₹ 18.91 lakh

₹ 18.76 lakh

XIM Bhubaneswar

₹ 14.31 lakh

₹ 12.91 lakh

₹ 13.18 lakh

FORE New Delhi

₹ 10.8 lakh

₹ 10.4 lakh

₹ 9.4 lakh

MICA Ahmedabad


₹ 12.30 lakh

₹ 12.65 lakh



₹ 10.61 lakh

₹ 9.3 lakh

IRMA Anand

₹ 14.24 lakh

₹ 11.39 lakh

₹ 10.22 lakh

IIM Shillong


₹ 15.50 lakh

₹ 14.80 lakh

IIM Rohtak


₹ 11.70 lakh

₹ 12.30 lakh

n/a = not available

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