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5 Tips on Handling Fear of PI

Tips on PI

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Personal interview and now it is must for you to practice with variety of Pi Tips.

Read and develop points for Pi Tips : 5 Tips on handling fear of PI

The Personal Interview (PI) is the last and final stage of the admission process and a candidate cannot afford to slip at this stage, after reaching so far. With so much at stake for the candidates, they are bound to be nervous and scared. As most candidates have never experienced an interview of such importance, they tend to build a monster out of it in their minds and imagine the worst possible things. This fear stops them from performing at their best. Only when the candidates learn to defeat the fear, can they hope to do well in the PI. The following tips will help candidates remove fear from their system and succeed in the PI.

1. Prepare well

There is no substitute for preparation. Just as a person prepares for entrance examinations such as CAT, a candidate needs to prepare for the interview as well. But this doesn’t happen because the PI does not have a fixed structure and there remains an element of subjectivity and uncertainty regarding the kind of questions that are put up to individual candidates which may vary. But, a candidate must visualise being interviewed and rehearse his reply to some of the expected questions, such as “What are your hobbies and interests?”, “Why do you want to pursue MBA?”, “Why do you want admission in this institute?”, “How do you plan to succeed in life?” and so on. The idea here is to anticipate questions before hand and work out effective answers so that even if only a few of those expected questions come in the actual interview, the candidate will be able to answer well and derive confidence for the remaining part of the interview. 

2. Believe in yourself

It is a fact that where there is no self-belief, there is fear and nervousness. Even if you have prepared well and covered all grounds, you will still be a nervous wreck if you don’t possess self-belief. The confidence that you have it in you to be a part of a distinguished institute is something that all candidates must inculcate in themselves.

3. Mock Interviews

The saying, ‘Practice makes a man perfect” highlights the importance of rehearsing and putting yourself in similar situations. Candidates must experience mock interviews before going in for the all-important one. This will not only familiarise the candidates with interview process but also identify areas in which the candidate has to improve. When one keeps practising, one becomes confident about it. For instance, a sportsman practices the same drills day in day out, just so that when the day of the actual event comes about, he is ready to put in his best performance. 

4. Stay Composed

Candidates, in their excitement and expectations, get too ahead of the situation and lose their composure. To remove fear of the interview, candidates need to remain composed and steady. Any doubts, dilemma, uncertainty should be tackled in the preparation stage itself and the mind should be absolutely calm, so that it is able to think clearly and comes across as settled and mature, rather than restless.

5. Breathe

Fear of something also leads to anxiety and negative thinking. With a rise in anxiety, the breathing pattern of candidates also becomes erratic. Candidates must take a few deep breaths before facing the interview as it helps to bring calmness to the mind and the senses under control. Breathing properly can be an effective way of dissipating the fear.

Advise for candidates 

Fear is always in the mind. Learn to control the mind, believe in yourself, and the fear will run away. It is worth remembering that the more you fear, the less your chances of doing well in the interview.

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