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Be honest and be natural in Personal Interview

Personal Interview tips

 Interviewers present at the Personal Interview can easily tell if you are lying, acting or making up stories to impress them. So, make it a point to be honest and be yourself at all times. It is better to be honest than to pretend someone you are not because lies will automatically disqualify you from the admission to the business school.  

No one is perfect and interviewers are aware of this fact. You may be a fresh graduate or a professional with a few years of work experience, but you are still relatively new to the business world. So, an interviewer will not penalize you if you do not answer all the questions as per the expectations. 
During the Personal Interview, you should show eagerness to learn. You are entering a business school to learn new things. So, you should be humble during the Personal Interview.
 Most of the business schools look for students who are good in both studies and extracurricular activities. However, if you have not participated in many activities, be honest and tell the interviewer the reason for not doing so. 
If you did not have sufficient time during college days to participate in activities, inform the interviewer that you would like to improve your time management skills while pursuing an MBA. This shows that you are aware of your weaknesses and are keen on improving upon them.
Never lie about your achievements because interviewers can easily cross-check with the relevant parties. And if you are caught lying, you could be rejected automatically. While speaking to an interviewer, be natural. Do not speak in fake accents because it will make you and your interviewer uncomfortable. 
Be yourself during the Personal Interview and answer all the questions honestly. As a potential candidate for the business school, the interviewer expects you to show humility.
 So, if you are asked to share a few weaknesses, put it across tactfully and show how you intend to work on your weaknesses.
 Business schools are not looking for the perfect candidate but are looking for someone who is able to work on his imperfections to fit into the culture of the school.