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Personal Interview Tips - Modulate your tone in PI

Modulate your tone in PI

Modulation of tone is extremely important in a Personal Interview. A person’s tone conveys meaning and emotions through non-verbal communication. Many candidates focus too much on what they are saying and forget about how they are conveying that message. 

Many candidates have excellent and interesting content to share with their interviewers but because of their incorrect tone, they do not clear the Personal Interview round. 
While answering a question, it is important to vary your tone. Do not sound monotonous. This indirectly conveys to your interviewer that you are bored with the interview.
You need to show enthusiasm in your voice. Keep your voice alive by matching your facial expressions with your content. Also, if your natural voice is shrieky and high-pitched, tone it down a little. 
Speak in a lower register of your voice to sound friendly, mature and confident. Many candidates have the tendency to speak quickly when they are nervous. Remember that when you speak quickly, your interviewer might miss out on important information. So, speak at a normal speed and keep your sentences short and crisp. 
At the end of a sentence, avoid any rising inflection, which has the tendency to convert a statement into a question. Always end on a low tone, unless you are asking the interviewer a question. Try to reduce verbal fillers like ‘umm’ and ‘uhh’ as much as possible. These not only distract the interviewer but also show that you are not confident.
A Personal Interview is a test of your interpersonal skills and modulation of voice plays an important role. Before your actual interview, have a mock interview session with your peers and get them to evaluate you on your tone.
It is difficult to assess your own tone; so, get the help of your friends and colleagues. With the right tone and powerful content, you will be able to clear your Personal Interview.